Asterisk cmd SetAMAFlags


Sets AMA Flags; AMA = Automated Message Accounting


SetAMAFlags( flags )

Sets the channel AMA Flags for billing purposes. These flags will be stored in the CDR. Overrides any setting in channel config.
If not set then this will default to 3

Permitted flag values:

  • default: Sets the system default; writes a '3' into your CDR
  • omit: Do not record calls (ignore); writes a '1' into your CDR
  • billing: Mark the entry for billing; writes a '2' into your CDR
  • documentation: Mark the entry for documentation; writes a '3' into your CDR

Billing flags are also to be found here.

Background info

Traditionally the generating and handling of CDRs has been known in the US as Automatic Message Accounting or AMA, a system that goes back to the 1940s. Still today, exchanges for use in North America generate CDRs in Bellcore AMA Format or BAF.

See also

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