Asterisk cmd SetCIDNum


Set CallerID Number


Set(CALLERID(number)=<number>) (for Asterisk >= v1.2.x)
SetCIDNum(<number>[|a]) (for Asterisk <= v1.0.x)

Set Caller*ID Number on a call to a new value, while preserving the original Caller*ID name. This is useful for providing additional information to the called party. Sets ANI as well if "a" flag is used. In order to set ANI with Asterisk >= v.1.2.x you will have to use Set(CALLERID(ANI)=<number>).


Set(CALLERID(number)=6135551234) (for Asterisk >= v1.2.x)
SetCIDNum(6135551234) (for Asterisk <= v1.0.x)

Any examples would be apreciated:

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