Asterisk cmd SrxDeflect


The SrxDeflect and SrxReroute commands are for use with Sirrix ISDN channels. It deflects a call on the calling 'Srx' channel to the given number (using ISDN Call Deflection, CD or ISDN Call Rerouteing, CR). This only works if the call is coming in on a Sirrix TE-group and the Call Deflection / Call Rerouteing facility has been subscribed.



  • number: ISDN destination number
  • pres_allowed: allow presentation of number? (German T-Com does ignore this setting, you can omit it)
    • 0: not allowed
    • 1: allowed

Always returns 0 immediately.




in extensions.conf

exten => 1234,1,SrxDeflect(01721234567) ; first, try to redirect the call in the public exchange ..
exten => 1234,2,Wait(2) ; wait for 2 seconds: public exchange should hangup the call if redirect was successful
exten => 1234,3,Progress ; if not hung up, do the redirection by ourself and inform calling party about that
exten => 1234,4,Dial(Srx/gOut/01721234567) ; now call the destination on Sirrix group "Out"


On ISDN basic access port of German T-Com, you need to use
  • SrxDeflect on Mehrgeraete-Anschluessen (PtMP)
  • SrxReroute on Anlagen-Anschluessen (PtP)

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