Asterisk cmd StripMSD

Note: This command is completely obsolete and has been removed


Strip leading digits



Strips the leading 'count' digits from the channel's associated extension. For example, the number 5551212 when stripped with a count of 3 would be changed to 1212.

Deprecated: This command is considered obsolete since the introduction of variable substitution. Use ${EXTEN:1} instead of StripMSD(1).

Return codes

This app always returns 0, and the PBX will continue processing at the next priority for the new extension.


So, for example, if priority 3 of 5551212 is StripMSD 3, the next step executed will be priority 4 of 1212. If you switch into an extension which has no first step, the PBX will treat it as though the user dialed an invalid extension.

See also

  • StripLSD: Strip trailing digits
  • Prefix: Append digits in front of number (Obsolete)
  • Suffix: Append traling digits (Obsolete)
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