Asterisk cmd UserEvent



Send an arbitrary event to the manager interface



Sends an arbitrary event to the manager interface, with an optional body representing additional arguments. To split body text to several lines | character could be used in Asterisk 1.4. There's no way to do multiple lines in Asterisk 1.2. The format of the event will be:

Event: UserEvent<specified event name>
Channel: <channel name>
Uniqueid: <call uniqueid>

If the body is not specified, only Event, Channel, and Uniqueid fields will be present.

In Asterisk 1.4, the format of the event is :
Event: UserEvent
Privilege: <privilege (user,all for example)>
UserEvent: <specified event name>

Return value

Always returns 0.


UserEvent(ASTDB|Family: dnd)
UserEvent(ASTDB|Family: dnd|State: on) in 1.4
UserEvent(ASTDB,Family: dnd,State: on) in 1.6

See also

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