Asterisk cmd VMAuthenticate


Authenticate off voicemail passwords

Description & Usage:

VMAuthenticate([mailbox][@context][|options]): (1.4-)
VMAuthenticate([mailbox][@context][,options]): (1.6+)
Behaves identically to the Authenticate application, with the exception that the passwords are taken from voicemail.conf. If the mailbox is specified, only that mailbox's password will be considered valid. If the mailbox is not specified, the channel variable AUTH_MAILBOX will be set with the authenticated mailbox. If the options contain 's' then no initial prompts will be played.

Note that if you do not specify a mailbox and enter a mailbox when prompted (simply waiting for the password prompt) VMAuthenticate will use the caller ID number as mailbox. A workaround for this is to set the CALLERID(num) variable to nothing before calling the application.

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