Asterisk cmd ZapBarge


Listen to a Zap channel call



Lets you listens to the conversation on a specified Zap channel, or prompts if one is not specified. You can hear them, but they can't hear you. No indication is given to the other parties that their call is being listened to.

Multiple people can all use ZapBarge to listen in on the same channel.

Return Code

Returns -1 when caller user hangs up and is independent of the state of the channel being monitored.


; barge monitoring extension
exten => 8159,1,ZapBarge
exten => 8159,2,Hangup

If you dial 8159 on a phone, you get asked which line you want to listen in on, for Zap/1-1 you would press 1#, for Zap/25-1 you would press 25#.

See also

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