Asterisk config agents.conf


ACD distributes incoming calls to the agents of a Queue. Agents are configured in the file queues.conf:

New in Asterisk v1.2.0: The default for ackcall has been changed to "no" instead of "yes" because of a bug which caused the "yes" behavior to generally act like "no". You may need to adjust the value if your agents behave differently than you expect with respect to acknowledgement.

Global options

; Define autologoff times if appropriate. This is how long
; the phone has to ring with no answer before the agent is
; automatically logged off (in seconds). Please note that if
; this value is greater than the timeout value in your queue
; that agents will not be removed!
; Define ackcall to require an acknowledgement by '#' when
; an agent logs in over agentcallpark. Default is "yes".
; Define wrapuptime. This is the minimum amount of time when
; after disconnecting before the caller can receive a new call
; note this is in milliseconds.
; Define the default musiconhold for agents
; musiconhold => music_class
musiconhold => default
; An optional custom beep sound file to play to always-connected agents.
; Group memberships for agents (may change in mid-file just)
;prevent agent to hangup call by pressing *
thanks to davevg on bug 13707 http

Groups can be used in queues.conf to specify a member: In this way all incoming calls in the queue will be forwarded to the agents of this agent group. Below we will give you an example how to call an agent group:

member => Agent/@1


member => Agent/:1

Both notations have the same effect, the queue will call the agent group with number 1

Recording options

This section is devoted to recording agent's calls
The keywords are global to the chan_agent channel driver

; Enable recording calls addressed to agents. It's turned off by default.
; The format to be used to record the calls (wav, gsm, wav49)
; By default its "wav".
; Insert into CDR userfield a name of the the created recording
; By default it's turned off.
; The text to be added to the name of the recording. Allows forming a url link.
; The optional directory to save the conversations in. The default is
; /var/spool/asterisk/monitor

Agents definition

this last section contains the definition of the agents.


agent => agentid,agentpassword,name

agent => 3000,1234,Santiago Ruano Rincon
agent => 4002,1234,Maria Lucia Muñ¯º Grass
agent => 4003,1234,Diego Mauricio Paz

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