Asterisk config enumagi.conf


Configuration file for enumlookup.agi


 ; ENUM Configuration for enumlookup.agi
 ; Sample config for Asterisk

 ; The search list for domains may be customized.
 ; Enumlookup.agi will return all entries found by all domains defined here.

 search =>   ; This is the default.
 search =>

 ; You can define a NAMESERVER for ENUM requests.
 enumdns =>

 ; Forbidden tel numbers
 disallow => all

 ; Allowed tel numbers (overwrites disallow)
 ;allow => all    ; This is the default, if nothing is forbidden.
 allow => 0[2-6]    ; Allow all numbers beginning with 02, 03, 04, 05 or 06                    
 allow => +49[2-6]
 ;allow => 0049[2-6]    ; This has exactly the same effect as previous line.
 allow => 070[2-8]
 allow => 004970[2-8]

 ; Set file for debugging. This file will contain all returned ENUM
 ; entries of last enumlookup. This is a replacement for the debug option which was
 ; implemented in version 0.19.
 ;debugfile => /tmp/enumdebug    ; Disabled if undefined

 ; Set file to save disallowed tel entries. This file will contain all
 ; rejected tel entries. This might be useful to check if the rules
 ; for disallowed tel entries are too hard.
 ;disallowfile => /tmp/enumdisallow   ; Disabled if undefined

; If set singleresults to "yes" entries with same order/priority 
; will be returned in different ENUMENTRY variables. If set to "no" they
; will be returned in one variable concatenated with "&". NOTE: This
; doesn't apply to "mailto:" results.
;singleresults => yes   ; "no" if undefined

(dis)allow only affects TEL URIs. We have implemented this feature to keep Asterisk from dialing expensive numbers (see below). You can use the following special characters:

Special Characters for Pattern Matching

X matches any digit from 0-9
Z matches any digit form 1-9
N matches any digit from 2-9
[1237-9] matches any digit or letter in the brackets (in this example, 1,2,3,7,8,9)

Note that ranges like [3-6] might fail on certain platforms. In this case use [3456] instead!


Be careful with TEL URIs! ENUM can be abused to initiate expensive calls. For example there is no fee limit for numbers with prefix +49 900 in Germany. Thus it's recommended to use strict disallow rules in enumagi.conf.


If defined the disallowfile saves the rejected TEL URIs. It consists of three columns.
The first column contains the phone number you have transferred to enumlookup.agi.
The second column contains the order (first five digits) and preference (last five digits) of the rejected TEL URI.
The third column finally shows the rejected URI itself.

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