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You've installed Asterisk and verified that it will start up. Now how do you go about configuring your PBX? The first thing you need to do is tell Asterisk what telephone connections (to handsets and exchanges, whether by physical wire or by IP) you have. These are called channels.

The next task is to configure the Dialplan. The dialplan routes every call in the system from its source through various applications to its final destination.

You're up and running now. But what about some extra bells and whistles?

  • Music on Hold
  • Call Parking
  • Billing
  • Management interfaces


Templates can assist to avoid repeating the same section(s) again and again in your Asterisk configuration files.

Generating Configuration Files from Templates

The STS Template Engine can generate Asterisk configuration files from templates. It has its own macro language for conditional template expansion and is available in source code for embedding into your own applications. The library sources could also be used to build a standalone command line utility.

Alternative Methods of Configuration

  • GUI or Web based setup tools, see Asterisk GUI
  • MySQL etc databases

Configuration Reference

Master configuration file:
  • asterisk.conf: Tell Asterisk the directories where everything is, including the directory containing all the other configuration files. By default, Asterisk looks for the asterisk.conf file in the /etc/asterisk directory, but you can supply a command line parameter to use a different asterisk.conf file.

Configuration of Asterisk channels:

Configuration of Analog Display Services Interface:

Configuration of the Dialplan:

Configuration of specific Dialplan Commands:

Uncategorized configuration files:

Add on modules, not in standard source distribution

In most installations, these files are placed in /etc/

General hints about configuration files

  • In all Asterisk configuration files, you may include other files by using the #include statement. This way, you may save your general SIP configuration in one file and have the SIP accounts in another file.

Configuration Examples

Version notes

  • Since July 2004 backslash-quoting of special characters in config files, like \\ and \' has become possible in all Asterisk configuration files.

See also

  • Asterisk-AQL: AQL (Astconf Query Language) is a SQL-like statement, which can be used to write and read asterisk config files library for PHP in an easy way.

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