Asterisk config meetme.conf

Configures the Asterisk conference module, MeetMe.


  ; Configuration file for MeetMe simple conference rooms
  ; for Asterisk of course.
  ; An optional 'general' section, currently with just one useful directive:
  ; The number of 20ms audio buffers to be used when feeding audio frames from non-Zap channels
  ; into the conference; larger numbers will allow for the conference to 'de-jitter' audio that arrives
  ; at different timing than the conference's timing source, but can also allow for latency in hearing
  ; the audio from the speaker. Minimum value is 2, maximum value is 32.
  ; Usage is conf => confno[,pincode][,adminpin]
  conf => 9000
  conf => 9001,123456
  conf => 9002,123456,654321


Currently neither a reload or restart is required for Asterisk to notice changes in meetme.conf.

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