Asterisk config phone.conf

Configuration of Linux Telephony Devices under * is fairly painless. Below is the sample config file, and their descriptions.

phone.conf Sample:

; Select a mode, either the phone jack provides dialtone, reads digits,
; then starts PBX with the dialed extension (dialtone mode), or
; immediately provides the PBX in the default or configured context at extension "s",
; without reading any digits or providing any dialtone (this is the immediate
; mode, the default).  Also, you can set the mode to "fxo" if you have a
; linejack to make it operate properly as a fxo port. Also, in the CVS version of Asterisk,
; you should set the mode to "fxs" if Asterisk need not provide dialtone.
; You can decide which format will be used as the preferred codec, "g723.1", "slinear", or "ulaw".
; XXX Be careful, sometimes the card causes kernel panics when running
; in signed linear mode for some reason... XXX
; And set the echo cancellation to "off", "low", "medium", and "high".
; This is not supported on all phones.
; You can optionally use VAD/CNG silence supression
; List all devices we can use.  Contexts may also be specified
; You can set txgain and rxgain for each device in the same way as context.
; If you want to change default gain value (1.0 =~ 100%) for device, simple
; add txgain or rxgain line before device line. But rememeber, if you change
; volume all cards listed below will be affected by these values. You can
; use float values (1.0, 0.5, 2.0) or percentage values (100%, 150%, 50%).

; This sets the Caller Id string and number for calls originating on this channel.
;callerid = "myname" <555-555-1212>

; Specify the operating system device file to be used for the channel.
; You can have multiple devices defined, but these directives must be the last
; directives in this file, otherwise other options will be ineffective.

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