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Asterisk CallForward DB

  • If any of the "allow call forward" options (cfu, cfb, cfnr) is enabled, the user can enable and disable the call forward types by using the menu options of his telephone.
  • Upon reception of a "call forward enable" request from the phone, the channel driver creates an entry to the Asterisk Database.
  • Upon reception of a "call forward disable" request from the phone, the channel driver removes the specified entry from the Asterisk DB.

The entries are of the following form:

[CF type]/[extension] -> [destination]

  • CF type
    CFU, CFB or CFNR

  • extension
    The callerid value from the phone's sirrix.conf group.

  • destination
    Call Forward destination received from the phone, specified by the user.

CFU/123 -> 456

It's up to the dialplan (extensions.conf) to interpret those settings. An example can be found in sirrix-pci/asterisk/examples/extensions.conf in "[macro-stdexten]".

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