Asterisk config sirrix.conf usage

Usage in extension.conf


  • "d" if 'digital' flag (unrestricted digital information) shall be set
  • "s" if 'digital' flag shall not be set (speech)
  • overwrites setting from calling channel
  • leave empty to use setting from calling channel

  • "t" for TE mode group if tones (in-band information or pattern) shall be forwarded to CALLING party (e.g. on DISCONNECT);
  • "n" for TE mode group if tones shall NOT be forwarded
  • overwrites providetones setting for group
  • leave empty to use setting from group

  • "h" if an incoming DISCONNECT shall NOT be signalled to Asterisk
  • only to be used in TE mode, ignored in NT mode

  • predefined group name

  • called party number, used for outgoing calls on TE ports

  • number (MSN) to use: calling pn on TE ports / called pn on NT ports

  • "+" if digits may be appended to number

  • Examples:

Remarks regarding special extensions "s", "i" and "t"

The following special extensions will be called if they exist:

  • "s" extension if no number digits have been provided and "SENDING COMPLETE" has been received

  • "t" extension if number was too short and "SENDING COMPLETE" has been received or the 15 seconds timeout was reached

  • "i" extension if number can not be completed as it is invalid (no existing extension in dialplan)

"SENDING COMPLETE" is being sent from "the other party", it it expects the number to be complete and no further digits will be transfered.

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