Asterisk config skinny.conf

I got this information from Narem. I thought it might help someone.
I will try to configure my Cisco IP Phone 30 VIP with the information below. When I get the 30 VIP phone to work I will post the exact steps and then I will try to get some old Cisco Access Analog Gateway (AS-8) to work by modifiying the skinny.conf file. I will keep you posted. If you have anything to add, please do.
Thanks Narem.

Hi Frank,

I had to download the latest source from CVS and
build. The following link shows how to configure the
phone manually specifying the IP address manually.
Set the Gateway, and TFTP to be the Asterisk server's
IP address.

Here is the entry from skinny.conf

device=SEPXXXXXXXXXXX ;; Replace XX with MAC addr.
version=P002F202 ;; This should match the version in the phone/TFTP
line => 100

I had to restart Asterisk for successful registration
for the first time. NOTE: This is important. A reload will not work; you must restart!

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