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E Y E P E A, Brussels

Eyepea is a VoIP system integrator building solutions around Open Source platforms such as Asterisk, SIP Express Router etc.

We offer our solutions and services to private enterprises and administrations in Belgium, Luxembourg and the north of France.
Solutions: IP-PBX, IP-Call Center, Custom development, IT integration
Services: Consulting, Software integration and development, Deployment, Training, Support and Maintenance, Project Management

Our focus is on medium to large size organisations that want to leverage the value of VoIP through integration with their existing IT applications such as CRM, ERP, directories, web sites, databases, GIS etc.
    • Contact: Ivan Garard (
    • Home page:
    • Telephone 1 : PSTN +32 2 391 43 70
    • Email:


Free & Open Source ICT solutions

At monoploid, we provide a plethora of ICT services based on free software and open technologies. We perform:
  • Asterisk installation
  • Callshop deployment
  • Corporate VoIP setups
  • Scalable load-balanced/high-availability VoIP setups

Other VoIP services include:
  • Custom Asterisk development
  • VoIP peering
  • Remote technical support


A L S A C E C O M , Strasbourg

ALSACECOM VoIP Product Reseller - France and EU Distribution.

Neotiq, PARIS

Neotiq provides consulting, architecture and deisgn of Asterisk based solution and open-source solution.

Our customers are SMB (for PBX replacement and new features development) and service providers (IVR, Unified Communication services), which are looking for open-source products fiting exactly their needs. To do so, we install, develop and configure services or integrate Asterisk with other third party product if needed.

Our focus is to share our experience of Asterisk with users and provide the best of consulting and develomment on Asterisk platform.


Trixton LTD

  • Asterisk PBX professional services
  • Consulting
  • Hosted solutions
20 Weizman St.
5623602 Yahud

Contact Person: Mr. Daniel Friedman

Mobile: +972 50 6655579

10levels Group Ltd

10levels is a leading integration and solution provider company that offers a wide range of networking and telephony services and solutions. From quality assurance solutions to installation and integration of complex network and VoIP systems, which ensures a proper match of the specific client requirements, adhering to international standards of quality and professionalism.
provides specific services and solution based upon the Asterisk project.

Visit us at
    • E-Mail:
    • Phone: +972-77-6657171


GreenfieldTech is Israel's premier solution provider for Asterisk and Open Source Telephony and VoIP infrastructures. With over 10 years experience in the Open Source IT industry and 5 years experience with Open Source Telephony projects (Asterisk, GnuGK, FreeRadius, OpenSER) - GreenfieldTech is your best choice for Open Source Telephony solutions in Israel.

GreenfieldTech also provides custom platform development services, serving as a one-stop-shop for all your analysis, design, proof-of-concept, development and deployment requirements - with proven track record.

Services offered via remote services:
  • Custom IVR/IVVR and telephony application development, based upon Asterisk and Open Source structures.
  • Custom application development for value added services.
  • Integration of Open Source Telephony packages such as A2Billing, FreePBX and others.
  • Integration of Open Source and Closed Source products, achieving best-of-breed architecture and solution.
  • Training services for Asterisk and Linux (Certifications: dCAP, GNU-LCA, GNU-LCP, GNU-LCI).
  • Official Digium Training Partner in Israel and the ME.

LivneX - Open Source Development and Services

Asterisk and Embedded Systems.
    • Contact: Shahar Livne
    • Home Page:
    • Telephone: +972.3.9656817
    • Telephone: +43.3150.2588
    • Telephone: +43.720.501012
    • Telephone: +49.89.420959939
    • Telephone: +49.30.868703833
    • Telephone: +44.870.3404511
    • Telephone: +1.646.485.9685
    • FWD: 524311
    • eMail:

Adorah VOIP Solutions (AVS)

AVS is an open-minded integratior of both hardware and software, with Asterisk based solutions. Keeping up with the spirit of open-source we do not commit ourselves to a single supplier but rather tailor our solutions around the customer.
AVS also has ready-made boxed solutions for SOHO/Homes, Call-Shops and VOIP to GSM gateways.
AVS have built distributed call-centers used in local elections in Israel and ad-hoc sales operations with agents calling from home or remote branches, saving on equipment and logistics, and offering jobs to a quality work-force from home.
    • AVS site
    • e-mail:
    • Tel. +972-57-6666-555 (Ext. 2323)
    • Tel. (World) +1-206-203-7541
    • Fax. (World) +1-208-955-5012
    • FWD: 621329

Allegronet LTD - IT and Telephony Done Right

  • Israel Leading Open Source Experts. Out of the box Ready systems that Work Right Away
  • From 4 Bezeq Lines and upto 4 X PRI with 120 Channels. Custom Billing Solutions For Extensions and Predefined Groups of Extensions that Produce Printable Accurate Invoices with the Cellular and Landline Rates.
  • Call Centers Experts. Call Queues. Advanced Call Distrobution between Agents. Live Monitoring and Recording. Custom made IVR's Including Narrators Services. Calling Cards. Micropaymets. IVR and Music on Hold Campaigns. CRM Integration with MS CRM and Click to Dial Solutions out of the box.
  • WorldWide Direct Inward Dialing including US 800's and UK 0800 Numbers. Special Low Rates Contract with International Carriers That Actually Save Money.
  • Custom made systems for the your needs. Multi office Solutions. Home Extenstions. Full Hebrew Translation of Both the Web Interface and the Audio Prompts.
  • Professional Grade Installations. IT and Telephony Integration and most important One Stop Shop For all of your IT and Telephony Needs.
  • Over 3 Years of Asterisk Experiance Worldwide makes the difference.


Callware srl, Villafranca di Verona, Italy

Founded in early 2010 by the merger of two companies already operating in the VoIP industry for more than four years, Callware is the main contributor of the VoiceOne project and boasts more than 50 VoiceOne installations. To ensure the competence and experience in the use of VoIP devices and technology, the company has obtained both Snom Certified Engineer and Patton Inalp certifications. The installations range from a simple configuration and support for VoiceOne appliances and software, to project and realization of complete telephone systems. Beyond VoiceOne PBX there are supported gateways for the interconnection of analogue, ISDN and GSM lines of the major manufacturers such as Patton, AudioCodes, Portech and Abilis.To interconnect the extensions Callware proposes Snom and Polycom VoIP phones, softphones such as Bria or Zoiper, mono or multi-cell DECT networks through Polycom Kirk appliances, or ATA devices to interconnect traditional analog telephones. Over the years Callware has collected a lot of experience in the design of ad hoc solutions to address needs such as integration with intercom devices, home automation and video surveillance, according to the demands and needs of the customers.

  • Products:
    • VoiceOne SOHO (VoiceOne SOHO Web page): This small and essential version is suitable for medium or small offices, with a low telephone traffic. This version incorporates all the functionalities for traffic and extensions management based on a silent, fanless and low power consumption hardware.
    • VoiceOne SMB (VoiceOne SMB Web page): Powerful and complete this is the version suitable for medium and large size offices, with a high telephone traffic. Besides all the features already present in the SOHO version, this solution also incorporates advanced Fax management and central phonebook.
    • VoiceOne SOFTWARE (VoiceOne SOFTWARE Web page): Supplied as a self-installing CD or as a virtual image available for the major virtualization systems, this version allows you to install a complete VoiceOne system on your hardware.
    • VoiceOne INSTALL CD (VoiceOne INSTALL CD Web page): Download and install now our distribution with VoiceOne Community Edition preinstalled. A few click and you could try immediately the potentiality of our software and partecipate in its development.

Klarya srl, Modena, Italy

Klarya provide state-of-the-art appliance based solutions for Unified Communications over IP specifically tailored for SMB, Enterprises and Carriers. In 2005, a group of young managers working in the ICT sector and focused in Open Source technologies, got together to set up Klarya with the mission to built up, market and support reliable solutions for VoIP, Unified Communication and Desktop Video Collaboration, establishing a consolidated presence on the market through continuous innovation and total client dedication. Today Klarya operations cover all the Italian territory through a network of selected and certified partners which are continuously supported by Klarya team in projecting and providing specific customer oriented solutions.

  • Products:
    • Open Voice 6500/6500E (Open Voice 6500 Web page): The Open Voice 6500/6500E system is a simple and intuitive Unified Communication Platform, ideal for organizations of all sizes. It is based on a compact and optimized hardware architecture and support up to 500 users per single unit.
    • Open Voice 150 (Open Voice 150 Web page): The Open Voice 150 system is a simple and intuitive Unified Communication Platform, ideal for organizations of all sizes. It is based on a compact and optimized hardware architecture and support up to 75 users per single unit.
    • Open Voice SIP Server (Open Voice SIP Server Web page): The Open Voice SIP Server is an Open Source-based SIP platform (Kamailio, OpenSIPS) usefull to design professional VoIP solutions for Enterprises and Carriers. The Open Voice SIP Server, available as network appliance or inside a custom server, is a very scalable and reliable system and it's the core for any SIP-based large project. It's natively integrated with any Open Voice system, our Asterisk-based Unified Communications Appliance.
    • Open Fax (Open Fax Web page):
  • Services:
    • VoIP Solutions Design
    • Custom Development
    • Installation and Help Desk
    • Systems Advance Replacement and Maintenance
    • VoIP Network Perfomances Test, Analysis and Tuning
    • Training
    • Large-scale Asterisk deployments
    • Consultancy services with Digium dCAP certified engineers

Voiptech, Roma

Voiptech is an engineering company specialised in Enterprise Grade VoIP solutions for Providers, Telcos and Call Centers. Our portfolio included thousand of IP-PBX and Call Center installations. Voiptech is the developer of EasyPbx an Hybrid Carrier-grade Software Platform to configure, control and monitor IP-PBX deployments in real-timebased on Asterisk and CallWeaver. Visit our web site, where you can find technical hints and further informations.

    • Technical Contact : Giorgio Santini mailto:
    • Email :
    • Telephone : +39 06 62 27 79 60
    • Home Page :

Telecomunicazioni Digitali- Aversa (Caserta)
Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l. is a System Integrator company specialized into planning, install, configure and mantain SOHO/SMB/Medium/Large integrated networks.
We are SMB Cisco Select Partner, Eutelia Wholesale broadband and VoIP Reseller Partner, Dell Premier Partner and Alvarion Certified Wireless Partner.
We resell broadband ADSL/S.HDSL/HDSL services, VoIP World Geographic Number and VoIP traffic.
We are even focused onto install Asterisk PBX, SER and other PBX platforms.
Last but not least, we are specialized into install Wireless Hiperlan II PtP and PtMP network with Alvarion and other brand products.
Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l. is located in Italy, Aversa (CE)

  • Home
  • Home
  • Telephone: +39 081 19308860
  • Fax: +39 081 19308777
  • Email:

xtrust, Roma

xtrust is offering consultancy services, spanning from IT security and networking to multimedia communication (VoIP, streaming, videoconferencing, CRM etc.). Consultants in xtrust have 10 years of experience in developing VoIP services and enterprise solutions; 4-5 years of hands on experience on Asterisk, SER, and other related software nad adds-ons.
We are able to provide turn-key solutions, assist you in your VoIP project or work with you builind up novel products or services.


Freesoft Technologies Ltd

Freeosoft provides solutions and services based on Open Source. We provide basic and advanced PBX and VOIP setups using Asterisk and Open Source addons. Tailored configurations to suit different needs and requirements.
    • Email:
    • Phone: +962-6-5523967
    • Fax: +962-6-5561967


Arista Telekomunikacii

Arista Telekomunikacii provides turn-key IP PBX Soultions based on Asterisk IP PBX Software. Our services include consultancy services, design, implementation and maintenance of customer owned or hosted PBX Systems.


Wingnut Information Systems

Asterisk installation, configuration and development. LDAP management of SIP accounts.
Reseller of components for turnkey Asterisk PBX systems for SMB.
  • Swissvoice
  • Sennheiser
  • Sangoma
Mass-provisioning solutions for the public sector and home market.


Al Khalili Group

Al Khalili Group, based in Oman and located in more than 10 centres all over the middle east and possess more than 37 years of industry experience.

Services offered are:
  • Installation of Asterisk PBX with PSTN, GSM and FAX integration
  • Installation of CISCO Call Manager (CCM and CCME)
and Nortel PBX and IP PBX Systems
  • Installation of switches with trafffic management and
Wifi Networks with wireless IP phones
  • Turnkey solutions & Integration of asterisk with existing network
  • Call center solutions
  • Billing and CRM solutions
  • Structured cabling and supply of all passive and active
networking components including PC's and peripherals.

Phone:+968 24816303, +968 92815006



Belgrade Serbia based information technology firm providing computer networking, Asterisk PBX support, Call Center and IVR solutions and consulting.



  • VoIP solutions, Asterisk PBX
  • SIP/IAX2 interconnect with providers in Slovakia
  • IVR, CRM, call center apps, etc.

Digitale, spol. s r.o.
Cintorínska 3
811 08 Bratislava
tel: +421-2-32111222


Dr. SIP (Zürich, Switzerland)

Expert for Asterisk, OpenSER/Kamailio, SIP, ENUM, Linux, MySQL

  • 3rd Level Support for SIP Issues / Troubleshooting
  • Installation and maintainance of Asterisk and other SIP systems (OpenSER/Kamailo, FreePBX, etc.)
  • High availability architectures
  • Linux and MySQL
  • NAT traversal
  • Integration of heterogeneous VoIP systems
  • ENUM integration
  • Service contracts
  • Strategic product direction and IETF Standardization
  • Reviewing and development of architectures and designs
  • Education


Empatiq Iletisim Teknolojileri

  • Asterisk solutions and hardware, SysMaster Distributor, Grandstream Reseller, Turnkey VoIP solutions for TelCo's and Enterprises
  • Contact person: Seyit Ali Serbest
  • Phone: +90-212-2175079
  • E-Mail:


United Arab Emirates

DVCOM Technology is the only Digium Authorized Training Partner in the Middle East.

DVCOM Technology is the Authorized Distributor of Digium Asterisk in MENA region.

With a 360 degree solutions and product portfolio, DVCOM has become a prominent name to compete with proprietary IP based communications products.

DVCOM provides a complete range of professional products and services and assists organizations with the assessment, design, and implementation of professional IP Communications solutions including Unified Communications(UC) and Converged Communications (CC) for ensuring high availability, reliability, performance, scalability, and manageability within their intranet environments.

DVCOM is recognized in the industry for its experience and expertise in developing enterprise systems essential for any organization to ensure maximum efficiency which are delivered through DVCOM’s highly experienced team of certified and experienced professionals and the extensive partner/channel network.

Visit us at -
Location Map -
JAFZA - Dubai
Tel: +971 4 88 733 70
Fax: +971 4 88 730 20
Email :

Business Solutions

  • +971 4 334 6626
  • We was established to serve the needs of IP PBX Industry, and today we are one of the industry's top IP PBX reseller.
  • We make recommendations based on Asterisk PBX (the most powerful IP PBX at a fraction of the price of traditional PBX) and deliver solutions.
  • Remote Support Available

IPGate - The IP Solutions for Business - Dubai, UAE

IPGate is a leading VAR of Unified Communication and VoIP solutions, technologies Like Asterisk , SwitchVox and Microsoft Lync, Avaya and equipment like snom, Digium, Sangoma, Motorola, icom, kirisun and Jabra in the Middle East.

  • VoIP solutions, Asterisk PBX
  • SIP/IAX2 interconnect with providers in UAE
  • IVR, CRM, call center apps, etc.

Visit us at -
The IP Solutions for Business
E LOB Office no. E-55G-17
HFZ, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 6 7434953
Email :

United States of America

Asterisk Agent

  • 800-763-2908
  • Specializing in Asterisk based solutions.
  • Asterisk Support & Staffing
  • Live Website Support Available


  • 310-933-0861
  • Remote Asterisk Support.
  • Expertise in ViciDial
  • Asterisk integration with CRM and databases

VoIP Experts
VoIP Experts� team consists of qualified professionals with an extensive experience in VoIP area. The main spheres of our expertise are technical support, configuration, troubleshooting and system maintenancce of different VoIP solutions. We strive to provide highly qualified service along with fully satisfaction of our customers allowing them to achieve their key business strategies.
    • Phone: +15304051102
    • E-mail:

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