Asterisk consultants worldwide remote

The following consultants provide remote Asterisk services to customers worldwide. They may also provide onsite services; see the onsite page for details.

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AAA+ Rated Freevoice. dCAP Certified since 2005.

Freevoice can assist in Asterisk based call center applications . Remote support to anywhere in the world Call 24/7 to 800-834-8999 to consult on your project.

Asterisk Consultancy and Support

OUR Solution as:
IVR Development
Contact Center Solution
CMS and CRM Integration
Calling Card System
Digium Card Integration
ANALOG Phone recorder
PRI Voice Logger
Remote Server administration & management
24/7 Helpdesk support
Custom VAS Server Development

Contact: Abhishek Kumar
Telephone : +91 9999 359606
Skype: abhishekkumar2012

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Professional support for office PBX systems based on asterisk.
Expertise in Trixbox, Asterisk, FreePBX, PBX-in-a-Flash
Voice Broadcasting Server
Custom application development
IVR systems
Billing Systems
Remote Server administration & management
24/7 Helpdesk support
Asterisk Integration
CRM integration

25$ per hour

Aabhas bajpai VoiP Consultant, India

is Having experience in asterisk and VoiP for more then 6+ years
setup many asterisk installation for Companies, call shops and contact centers
Setup HA distributed asterisk servers with 5000 users, distributed in 18 locations worldwide
have done many Small to medium single and distributed load balanced Vicidial Installations
Of more than 300+, Seats plan done in India.
Providing support to 25 call centers at different locations in India
Provide resident and onsite Support with turnkey solutions
Provides installation and support for

  • Asterisk
  • Asterisk Video Solutions
  • Open SER Video conferencing solutions
  • Asterisk + A2 Billing
  • Asterisk + CRM
  • Asterisk + vicidial
  • Calling Cards
  • gatekeepers
  • Open MCU
  • GNU Gk
  • SER
  • sip gateway
  • A2billing
  • asterisk + trixbox,Free PBX, Elastix
  • gnu dialer
  • Asterisk integration
  • Fax solutions
  • Fax & Voice broadcasting solutions
  • Call conferencing solutions
  • IVR solutions
  • Hospital IPPBX solutions with remote video conferencing
  • Hotel IPPBX solutions

Also provide support for existing vicidial, asterisk, Asterisks +trixbox, asterisk +FreePBX, Elastix & PBX in Flash setups any were in world
And do the configuration both onsite and remote configuration
Contact: aabhas bajpai
E-mail :
Phone : Delhi +91 8750140964


  • Highly professional support for home and office PBX systems based on asterisk.
  • Expertise in ViciDial,Trixbox, Asterisk, FreePBX,Freeswitch, Hylafax, ATA, OpenSER, FreeRadius
  • Asterisk module development and source code customizations
  • Custom application development based on asterisk
  • IVR systems
  • Billing Systems
  • OpenSource Consulting
  • CRM Integration
  • Remote Server administration & management

Astnext Solutions Pvt Ltd


AstNext was founded with intention to market Open source culture which is the creative practice of appropriation and free sharing of found and created content.
AstNext is able to provide expert guidance and technical support as we are focused on Open Source IP PBX based telephony solutions.
Our affordable options can reduce monthly phone expenses,
offer you the flexibility to work from home or create a professional phone network in your office,
or even allow you to connect multiple offices with one system and a common set of phone numbers and extensions.
Our team is dedicated to high-quality service.
We work to ensure that your applications have the greatest impact for your target audience.

We are Asterisk service provider, we are leaders in providing turnkey solutions in Asterisk

  • Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI)
  • End to End VOIP Set-up
  • VOIP Minutes
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Call Centre Solutions
  • Hospitality Telecom solutions.
  • Medical Telecom solutions.
  • ACD for PRI/Analog/GSM Phones
  • Softphone
  • SER/billing soft switch
  • Web to call
  • Click to call
  • Inter-office/Intra-office Intercom
  • IP Phones
  • IP PBX,Installation,maintenance,configuration of linux systems,servers anddevices.
  • Support for digium / sangoma / rhino E1 / PRI / FXO Digital / analog Telephony Cards

AstNext Team
US: 209-349-9648
Cell: +91 8000770962

Asterisk consultant

Have worked in telecom domain for more than 10 years and designed solutions for
both telecom operators and enterprise.
Having 4+years of experieence in Asterisk and Kannel SMS GW.
Enabled new/custom application on asterisk like ( Hosted IVR, Hosted Dialed, Click2Call, PBX, integration with customer DB/applications )
Integrated Gtalk with asterisk ( Request and Response )
Provide a custom application support on asterisk and Kannel SMS GW.

Contact : Manjunath, Bangalore - India
email :
Ph : +919845520945

Ajay Kumar

Having Experiance in Asterisk and Voip for more than 2 years
succesfully setup 200+ seats contact centre for various Activities(Sales, Collection etc)
Provides Remote and onsite support
Provides installation and support for:
  • Asterisk Installation
  • Asterisk plus vicidial Installation
  • Asterisk integration
  • Elastix
  • Auto Dialers
  • Vicidial
  • Voice Broadcast
  • Voice/Video conferencing setup

Also provide support for existing vicidial, asterisk setups anywhere in the world
And do the configuration both onsite and remote configuration
Contact: Ajay kumar
E-mail :
Phone : +919869559250
Web :

Alireza Asgari

  • Web site)
  • Phone) 416-884-2282, E-mail:
  • URL)
  • Asterisk installation and configuration locally or remotely on Windows or Linux
  • Pre-paid and Post-paid, Billing, Call rating, Least Cost Routing
  • Voicemail, Fax to mail, push to talk, SMS, DID, IP phone provisioning
  • ASR, ACD, PDD, Interactive call monitoring and online call control
  • Database driven IVR and Configuration, web portal configuration
  • SIP development specifically Soft phone.
  • Script programming, AGI Development, Perl and PHP
  • Turnkey VOIP solution for Retail and wholesale business

Al Khalili Group, Oman

Based in Oman and located in more than 10 centres all over the middle east and possess more than 37 years of industry experience.
Services offered are:
  • Installation of Asterisk PBX with PSTN, GSM and FAX integration
  • Installation of switches with trafffic management and Wifi Networks with wireless IP phones
  • Turnkey solutions & Integration of asterisk with existing network
  • Call center solutions
  • Billing and CRM solutions
  • Structured cabling and supply of all passive and active networking components including PC's and peripherals.

Phone:+968 24816303


Asteria Solutions Group

Asterisk Agent

  • Worldwide Support
  • 800-763-2908
  • Specializing in Asterisk Based solutions.
  • Asterisk Support & Staffing
  • Live Website Support Available

Asterisk@Office is a leader in software applications and system used for IP-Telephony. Our consulting services help your organization connect its existing telephone lines with a state-of-the-art hybrid VOIP environment where inter-office, inter-branch and customer calls can take advantage of Web based voicemail, Conferencing, Automatic Call Distribution and many other advanced features.

Asterisk Professionals

  • Worldwide Support
  • 0027839860150
  • Specializing in Asterisk Based solutions.
  • Asterisk Support & Staffing
  • Live Website Support Available

Asterisk Support Services

  • Asterisk Design, Installation and Maintenance
  • Vicidial,a2billing,Click2call nad many more
  • Failover solutions , interconnecting multiple Asterisk servers
  • Installation and Configuration support on asterisk,vicidial,a2billing,openser,
  • We work on Hourly basis $25 per hour

Phone: +1-888-254-7849


  • Highly professional support for home and office PBX systems based on asterisk.
  • Expertise in Trixbox, Asterisk, FreePBX, Hylafax, ATA, OpenSER, FreeRadius
  • Asterisk module development and source code customizations
  • Custom application development based on asterisk
  • IVR systems
  • Billing Systems
  • OpenSource Consulting
  • Fax system


web :

Contact us to discuss requirements

We offer various services for Asterisk such as Asterisk installation, Asterisk configuration, Dialplan programming, IVR Designing, AGI scripting, manager api, Customized Asterisk Development, text to speech, speech to text, etc.

Astra Voice

+1 888 505 VoIP | +1 212 937 8855
  • Asterisk Consulting
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • Custom IVR's
  • Advanced Asterisk Applications
  • Trix Box Support
  • Asterisk Support
  • PBX Planning & Network Design
  • VOIP Phones and Hardware
  • Linux Administraton
  • VOIP Server Hosting and Colocation

Phone: +1 212 937 8855 - +1 888 505 VoIP

Counsulting MyAsterisk

  • Asterisk Realtime Consulting & Support
  • AGI, AMI custom scritping
  • Asterisk Based PBX installation, setup & customisation
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • Custom IVR's
  • Freepbx Box Support
  • CRM Integration
  • PBX Planning & Network Design
  • Design, Dimensioning & Scaling of new systems
  • Re-design and Optimization of existent structures
  • VOIP trunk and devices configuration.
  • Linux Administraton


ATY Consulting

We provide services for your all Asterisk projects, installation,
integration, custom development and online Asterisk support.

In English, En Français, Türkçe

Provides installation and support for:
  • Asterisk
  • Asterisk + vicidial
  • IPBX configuration 1 to 5000 extensions
  • OpenSER
  • sip gateway
  • A2billing
  • asterisk + trixbox
  • ViciDial (Call Center)
  • Asterisk integration
  • Calling Card (open source)
  • Call Shop (open source)

Contact: Ahmet Yilmaz
Phone : +33(0) 954 974134
web :
Ahmet Yilmaz

We are specialized on Asterisk, and GNU/Linux, we offer consulting, remote assistance, monitoring and personalizations.
Feel free to contact us.
o Location: Padua, Italy
o Tel.: +39 049 796 72 72
o E-Mail:

Ecosmob Technologies

We are providing consultancy, design, development and configuration services in the Asterisk for 7+ years. We have expert Asterisk developers who have expertise in,
  • Asterisk
  • Video Solutions
  • PBX solution
  • Call center software
  • Conferencing solutions
  • A2 Billing
  • CRM
  • Vicidial
  • AGI Scripting
  • SIP gateway
  • Trixbox, Free PBX, Elastix
  • Asterisk integration
  • Fax solutions
  • Fax & Voice broadcasting solutions
  • Call conferencing solutions
  • IVR solutions
  • Session Border Controller
  • Multi tenant Asterisk solutions

For more details contact us:
Contact: Ashvini Vyas
E-mail : or
Phone : (USA) +1 303 997 3139 ; (I) +91 079 40054019

Skyhawk (Formerly BIG Networks)

  • Asterisk Consultation
  • Asterisk / Windows Network Intergration
  • VOIP Phones and Hardware
  • Linux Administraton
  • VOIP Telephone Service Provider
  • National Internet Provider
  • VOIP Server Hosting and Colocation
  • Hosted VOIP Provder

Phone: +1 225 214 5355

Reduce Telecom

We not only install complete asterisk systems we also integrates customs solutions for each business with our vast experience
Working with asterisk and programming languages like pearl and .NET allow us to accomplish any need you may have
We go to a simple asterisk installation or web page until solutions like our own predictive dialer, CTI platforms, CRM integration
And Telco support.

We offer remote and on side support worldwide.

Call Europe offers Advanced Integration, Development and implementation for OpenSER/Asterisk/OpenWengo. Our professional services include the following:
SIP, Skype, GoogleTalk, 3GP-IMS, P2P-SIP, VoiceXML, Mobicents; Mobile-SMS, J2ME, ParlaX and XML WebServices SOAi.

Operate in Europe; Asia and Americas
  • Web site:
  • E-mail: info at
  • Phone: +16789357099
  • skype: edpimentl
  • Professional Services
  • OpenSER/Asterisk Installations
  • SIP/Skype/Mobile-SMS/J2ME Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Project Outsourcing
  • IVR/VoiceXML Development
  • Custom AGI Development
  • Support Contracts
  • Located: United Kingdom (London and the Thames Valley)
  • Email: sales @
  • Website:
  • 0118 321 7091

Considering deployment of an Asterisk solution? We can provide design, installation, configuration, maintenance and support of single and multi-site configurations. We bring experience of consumer retail solutions such as calling card and low cost call solutions, call centre deployments with CRM integration, and integration with low cost VOIP suppliers.

Our most recent project is a low cost conference call service for the UK: - Voice API & VoiceXML Consulting

Providing Experienced Asterisk deployment and customization. Small to large scale implementations including integration into enterprise Java, .NET, Databases and more. CallFire provides highly-scalable and affordable Cloud Telephony and Homesourcing solutions, including Voice API ,Voice Broadcast , Virtual Call Center , Hosted IVR , Call Tracking, Phone API and VoiceXML services.

Bitnetix Technology Consulting

Bitnetix Technology Consulting is a privately owned business dedicated to providing expert advice in all areas of technology, IT, computers, and telephony to credit unions, not-for-profit organizations, and small businesses. Located in Western New York, we offer a wide range of services to local clients as well as providing off-site assistance and travel to remote locations and other geographic areas.
  • VOIP
  • Asterisk
  • FreePBX
  • Lots more
Visit for information on how to contact us, or give us a call at 1.877.33.VOICE (877-338-6423)

Call for Solutions

  • Web site:
  • E-mail: info AT callforsolutions dot COM
  • Phone: +1 (514) 667 - 0716
  • Professional Services
    • Asterisk Installations
    • And others services
With over a decade of experience in the computer field we can provide a variety of services such as installation, configuration and support of a big variety of products.

Central-B Medias

provides VOIP consulting, installation, and other technology services.
Custom VOIP application and component development & deployments for commerical and residential needs.
Specialties include fault-tolerance, security, IVR, voice-recording, translation, and scalable clustering.
Economy and Premium services available for SIP origination and termination. Multilingual team for support in your language.

Cheryll 'MITCHOY' G. Gemarino

Mitchoy is well known here in Cebu in installing and configuring VICIDIAL Servers on a lowest rate. He is now a Network Communication Engineer Head using VICIDIAL/Asterisk/Freepbx and Asterisknow. He setup small-medium call centers in Cebu namely, AMPM Connect Call Center, Direct Response Training & Marketing Solutions, Greenwire Connect Contact Center, BoTechnology, Blue Cow Philippines Inc., Lavache Blue, Customer Benefits Services Inc., Call Center 101, and currently working in Savvysherpa US. He has also a strong background of using Open-Source Technology for effective cost for IT infrastructure, IE, Firewall, Proxy Servers, Mail Servers, Web Server, DNS Servers, Load Balancing and Failover Systems. Mitchoy is also a Network Analyst of Deep Code Online - Programming Services

Contact: Choy Gemarino
Mobile: +639475145158 / 0324010359 / US: 1-888-784-4697 / 1-612-594-7710
Website: Deep Code Online

Code Tyrant

Asterisk for C/C++ programming. Very good at monkeying with the voicemail app.
20+ years of professional programming in telecom networking. Asterisk SIP, RADIUS, AAA, RtpProxy, MGCP, and voicemail changes. No project too small. Rates from $65 to $165 per hour (Depending on how good your specification is and how much of the project you want us to control). All work done on fixed price basis. Costs depend on detail in specifications. You get a free lecture with each poor specification.
Voicemail specailist. (if someone came up with the money I would rewrite the damn thing in C++)
All work is handled remotely; believe you me you could not afford to have me on-site...

I am also doing Ruby on Rails with Video over IP for Security Applications now.
I have just completed changes to OpenSER & RTPproxy to record calls to wav files.


"Your Complete VoIP and IP PBX Consultants"
Convertec provides businesses of all sizes with expert, professional, and guaranteed Asterisk, PIAF, FreePBX, and Trixbox support and help.
We offer email, telephone, and remote session based assistance by the hour or with blocks available starting at ONLY $65.00/HOUR!
Why not select a VoIP consultant that not only provides support, but also provides SIP origination AND termination services? Convertec Has you covered!

We currently provide the following services
  • US DID coverage to over 90% of USA ratecenters
  • VoIP and PSTN termination
  • Toll-Free and Vanity Toll-Free numbers
  • eFax services with desktop tools, online portals, or email receipt
  • VoIP Network Support & Management
  • 24x7x365 On-Call Engineer support services
  • Emergency support services payable via credit card are available
  • Asterisk, FreePBX, Trixbox, PIAF troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair
  • Complete installation support and coaching/training OR 800-928-3109 Option 1


Createlsoft is a services company located in Delhi.We provide telecom solutions to Enterprises and Telcos.
We provide solutions based on popular Open source products (Asterisk, OpenSIPS...).
For any enquiry, please contact SURESH ARORA.
Email :
Mobile: +91-9810252984
Skype: suresh_arora73

CTS Consulting & Trade Service GmbH

A-5020 Salzburg, Fürstallergasse 36
D-83395 Freilassing, Sägewerkstrasse 3

Asterisk server consulting, solutions, integration with legacy PBX systems. Pre configured Servers, installation, maintainance. Open Source specialist. Company has a wide range of references thruout Europe. We do FreeBSD, Linux and Windows.

Direct Leap Technologies, Inc.

We have built networks for calling cards, conferencing, call centers, outbound dialers, custom IVR development, advanced database integration, embedded Linux product development, automated testing, and softswitch integration. Some of our installations have 1,000 lines or more in service.
  • Web site:
  • Located: Toronto, Canada
  • E-mail: info @
  • Phone: (416) 405-8073
  • We do high-volume and highly-available carrier-grade Asterisk / SER engineering.
  • We deliver strategy-driven technology for marketing, operations, and product development.
  • We will make your installation carrier-grade, with automated monitoring and testing.
  • Let us give you advice.

Diyanat Ali - Hyderabad - India

  • Asterisk/VOIP/Telecom Consultant
  • Services offered:
  • Installation/maintenance/configuration of linux systems/servers VOIP Gatekeepers/Phones/devices.
  • Small, Medium, Large Scale deployments of Asterisk, SER, Asterisk@home/Trixbox/FreePBX/Asterisk2Billing/Astbill
  • Asterisk installation/configuration/Customization, Dialplan programming, AGI/perl scripting, Text-Speech/Speech-Text integration, Speech recognition
  • Vicidial installation, customisation and support
  • Inbound/outbound/predictive dialing solution for call centers.
  • Onsite and remote assistance provided, can travel worldwide to implement large projects.
  • Msn messenger:
  • Skype: diyanat
  • Phone:+91 98850 39230
  • Voip: +18473801847
  • __

Dr. SIP (Zürich, Switzerland)

Expert for Asterisk, OpenSER/Kamailio, SIP, ENUM, Linux, MySQL

  • 3rd Level Support for SIP Issues / Troubleshooting (incl. remote Support)
  • Installation and maintainance of Asterisk and other SIP systems (OpenSER/Kamailo, FreePBX, etc.)
  • High availability architectures
  • Linux and MySQL
  • NAT traversal
  • Integration of heterogeneous VoIP systems
  • ENUM integration
  • Service contracts
  • Strategic product direction and IETF Standardization
  • Reviewing and development of architectures and designs
  • Education

.e4 LLC

On the Web@
Traverse City IP PBX / VoIP, IP Telephony Consulting Company
Specialization- Traverse City PBX, IP Telephony, VoIP, (CRM) Client Relationship Management, and Carrier Services .e4 makes technology work for your business. We see technology as your engine for growth — helping businesses become more adaptive, competitive and profitable. We partner with industry leaders to deliver the hardware, applications and expertise to advance your business through the intelligent application of technology.
.e4's unique approach combines proven methods such as process management and known industry best practices together with forward-thinking concepts like running IT "as a business" not "within" a business.
By adopting e4's best practices companies are empowered with the ability to deliver quality services that satisfy business needs, are process-driven, meet cost targets, and achieve performance goals.

Contact Us
.e4 LLC
335W South Airport Road
Traverse City, MI 49686

Edwin A. Valbuena Jr

Edwin is located in Manila, Philippines. Has extensive experience in setting up inbound and
outbound call centers. With experience as a Call Center IT Manager, Edwin knows what do you need in regards of call center technologies. Now currently as a consultant Edwin has installed and currently maintains various VICIDIAL implementation
ranging from 20 seats to 300 seats call centers. Edwin is also a member of VICIDIAL Vendor Association.

Services offered:
VICIDIAL Installation / Configuration
Custom VICIDIAL add-ons
Asterisk Installation / Configuration
Call Center Technology Setup
Asterisk billing solutions
Call Center Technology Consulting

Contact: Edwin A. Valbuena Jr.
Email: edvalbuena (at)
Phone: +63921-773-1927
Mobile: +63915-789-4984
Website: Core Communications Inc.

Elisha Telecom

Elisha Telecom offers both on-site and remote VoIP/Asterisk Consultancy worldwide. With staff located in the UK and the Philippines, our team is on hand 24/7 regardless of your time zone. No job is too small or too large.

Our expertise was obtained by implementing predominantly Asterisk based solutions in call centers, including the provision of sophisticated "call back" and conferencing solutions. As well as working with end users, we also work with other Telcos to offer support and advice with trouble shooting on an ongoing and ad hoc basis.

Our services include:
  • Asterisk PBX installation, setup and maintenance
  • Call Center setup
  • Asterisk AGI/AMI scripting
  • Custom Web based Asterisk GUI and CTI development
  • Legacy PBX integration
  • Open Source Convergence and Collaboration solutions
  • White Label Hosted VoIP option
  • VoIP Origination and Termination (Wholesale and Retail)
  • VoIP Hardware (Digium TDM Cards, Polycom IP Phones, and more)
  • VoIP Consultancy and project management

Contact us for an informal chat and see what Elisha Telecom can do for your business:

Emergen Consulting

The largest open source solutions provider in Pakistan. Our wide range of services and supported technologies are:

  • Remote Server administration & management
  • 24/7 Helpdesk support
  • Asterisk Integration
  • ViciDial integration
  • CRM integration
  • Billing software
  • Trixbox expertise
  • OpenSER
  • FreeSwitch
  • Voice/Video/Web Conference integration
  • IVR Integration

Contact us

Enterux Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Asterisk India - Nurturing Asterisk Community in India - The Authentic Asterisk India Website
Enterux has been the pioneer in the field of Asterisk and Open Source Communications. It was instrumental in starting the asterisk revolution in the Indian market by starting the first ever Indian asterisk users community forum. Over a period of time, Enterux has been very much active in the Government and large enterprise sector and has also provided training to scientists from Depart of Defense - Center for Artificial Intelligence.
Enterux is the only company in India who has Digium Certified Asterisk Professional (dCAP) consultants on board.
Our consulting services help your organization connect its existing telephone lines with a state-of-the-art hybrid VOIP environment where inter-office, inter-branch and customer calls can take advantage of Web based voicemail, Conferencing, Automatic Call Distribution and many other advanced features.

Services Rendered:
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Medium to Large Multi-Office Business Telephony Systems
  • Call Centers - Local and International
  • Asterisk Dialers and Bulk Calling Systems
  • International Office Telephony Systems
  • Specialty Calling Systems (Entertainment and Personals)
  • Healthcare Application Integration
  • Customer Relationship Management, CRM Application Integration
  • Distributed Server Architecture and Asterisk Load Balancing
  • SIP Express Router, SER Load Balancing
  • Hospitality Telephony Systems (Hotel PBX Integration)
  • Complete IVR Development
  • Local or Datacenter PBX Customization
  • Wireless Telephony Installations
  • Database Integration and Customization
  • Custom Application Development
  • IP PBX/ Installation / maintenance / configuration of linux systems / servers VOIP Gatekeepers / Phones / devices.
  • Distribution & Support for Digium range of hardware in India (E1 PRI / FXS / FXO / Echo cancellation / G729 Convertor Codec & Card)
  • Distribution & Support for Xorcom range of hardware and software products in India (E1 PRI / FXS / FXS / AstriBank / AstriBank Server)
  • Distribution & Support for Sangoma range of hardware and software products in India (E1 PRI/ FXO/ FXS / SS7)

Contact us to discuss requirements

  • customizable pbx turnkey solution - pbx
  • VoIP consultancy and research
  • pbx and soft-switch developement and integration
  • callcentre desing and implementation

epbx Headquarters
Gotthelfstrasse 102, 4054 Basel, Switzerland
phone: +41 615115014

epbx Czech office
V Haji 1214/13, 170 00 Prague 7, Czech republic
phone: +420 226517511


  • Supporting asterisk based telephony systems since 2005, references available upon request.
  • Also providers of SIP/IAX origination and termination services with over 90% of US ratecenters on-network. LNP available. NO contracts required
  • We configure and troubleshoot Trixbox with VoIP, PRI, Digium, Rhino, ZapMicro, Sangoma , and many more hardware providers
  • Guaranteed to fix your dropped calls, echo, "all channels are busy now", and all other common troubles.
  • Assistance with phone configurations, features, and other asterisk/endpoint issues
  • Hourly and contract pricing starting at ONLY $65.00/HOUR!!!
  • We can service anyone anywhere in the world via ssh and web access. 24X7 emergency assistance is always available.
  • 800-928-3109 | 208-664-2869 | |

Evariste Systems

  • Web site:
  • Knowledge base:
  • VoIP FAQ:
  • Contact: 678-954-0670 (or see contact form on web site)
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Specialisations:
    • Kamailio (OpenSER) support & development (management advisory council member, official ASIPTO partner)
    • Large-scale Asterisk deployments.
    • SIP service delivery platform engineering.
    • IP network engineering.
    • VoIP contact centers project.
    • QoS.
    • VoIP application integration.
    • Telecommunications operational support systems.
    • Billing, rating, & least cost routing.
    • Cisco voice gateways.
    • SIP trunking.
    • Private VoIP peering/settlement.
    • Fax to email.
    • Managed server colocation for VoIP.


  • Installation and Configuration of Asterisk and FreeSwitch
  • Integration with CRM's and Custom Applications
  • Cepstral Integration
  • Multi-site Configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Security Auditing
  • Support Subscriptions Available
  • 24/7 Asterisk and FreeSwitch Monitoring
  • All Asterisk Distributions are supported

Contact US

4160 Cass, Suite B
Detroit, MI 48201 - United States

Phone: +1 888-907-2085

Freevoice Telecom U.S.A.

  • E-mail:
  • USA: 1-866-907-6158
  • Asterisk, Trixbox, & Freepbx
  • $50 per hour Support, Maintenance, Upgrades, Custom Integration, & Consultation
    • Digium Certified Asterisk Professional Onstaff
    • Web Site Click to Call Integration
    • CRM Integration
    • Custom Asterisk Dialplan & AGI Scripting
    • Several Outstanding references available
    • Integrate Asterisk with existing PBX Systems

Fortuitous Technologies

Performance Design, & Capacity Planning
  • E-mail:
  • USA: 1-512-351-7783
  • System Performance Tuning and Debugging
  • Capacity Planning for Enterprise Asterisk
    • High Availability, VoIP Cluster, and Reliability Design
    • Operating System and Kernel Tuning
    • Network Stack Tuning & Optimization
    • SAN, NAS, and Parallel Filesystem Design: GPFS, ZFS, GFS
    • Full Network and Server Integrated Design
  • Integrate and Tune Asterisk systems with SAN

FluentStream Technologies

  • Worldwide customers and partners!
  • Small through Large Enterprise Asterisk designs and installations
  • Highly Available solutions, Clustering, DUNDi
  • Unbiased advice for SIP origination, termination, and network management
  • Advanced monitoring / managed services offering
  • Asterisk and FreeSwitch Virtualization and cloud / hosted design


  • Products: SecAst (Security for Asterisk), HAAst (High Availability for Asterisk), TeleData (Telematics for call-centers)
  • Remote support: international via SSH / RD / PC Anywhere / VNC
  • Email:
  • Phone:
    • Waterloo, Canada: (519) 266-4357
  • WWW:
  • Asterisk and VOIP telephony consulting.
  • Experience with call centers, large office, carriers, back-end integration
  • Custom AGI scripts, diaplan extensions, billing systems, AMI development

Godson Gera - Hyderabad - India

  • Asterisk/VOIP/Telecom Consultant
  • Services offered:
  • Installation/maintenance/configuration of linux systems/servers VOIP Phones/devices.
  • Small, Medium, Large Scale deployments of Asterisk, OpenSIPS,Kamailio, Trixbox/FreePBX/Asterisk2Billing/Astbill
  • Asterisk installation/configuration/Customization, Dialplan programming, AGI/AMI/python ,Text-Speech/Speech-Text integration, Speech recognition.
  • IVR, Click2Call, Indian languages speech recognition, High Availability solutions.
  • Vicidial installation, customisation and support
  • Inbound/outbound/predictive dialing solution for call centers.
  • Onsite and remote assistance provided, can travel worldwide to implement large projects.
  • Msn messenger:
  • Skype: godsongera
  • Phone:+91 9246461828
  • Voip: +1253242384


GreenfieldTech is Israel's premier solution provider for Asterisk and Open Source Telephony and VoIP infrastructures. With over 10 years experience in the Open Source IT industry and 5 years experience with Open Source Telephony projects (Asterisk, GnuGK, FreeRadius, OpenSER) - GreenfieldTech is your best choice for Open Source Telephony solutions in Israel.
GreenfieldTech also provides custom platform development services, serving as a one-stop-shop for all your analysis, design, proof-of-concept, development and deployment requirements - with proven track record.

Services offered via remote services:
  • Custom IVR and telephony application development, based upon Asterisk and Open Source structures.
  • Custom application development for value added services.
  • Integration of Open Source Telephony packages such as A2Billing, FreePBX and others.
  • Integration of Open Source and Closed Source products, achieving best-of-breed architecture and solution.
  • Training services for Asterisk and Linux (Certifications: dCAP, GNU-LCA, GNU-LCP, GNU-LCI).

CTS Consulting & Trade Service GmbH

A-5020 Salzburg, Fürstallergasse 36
D-83395 Freilassing, Sägewerkstrasse 3

Asterisk server consulting, solutions, integration with legacy PBX systems. Pre configured Servers, installation, maintainance. Open Source specialist. Company has a wide range of references thruout Europe. We do FreeBSD, Linux and Windows.

GTA Network Consulting

Your IT worries stop here....


Asterisk PBX installation, configuration and support
provides different Asterisk based solutions with advanced features.
complex configuration, integration, high availability solution and clusters, DUNDI.

HireRussians @ sibers

Using Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technologies we offer you the most cost-effective and reliable way of voice communications via IP networks. We have wide experience in establishing and configuring VoIP systems integrated with such hardware as Cisco, Dlink, and Avaya. We can implement your VoIP systems in the following areas:
Security. If you require establishing security systems with remote access in your office and home, we can provide you these security systems by integrating VoIP with Smart Home system.
Business Automation. We can integrate your VoIP gateway with CRM/Call Centers or ERP systems. You immediately receive all the bells and whistles of digital voice stream such as recording, integration with the database, voice recognition and routing, etc. free.
Communication. We deployed and tuned in a new communication system based on Asterisk Open Source Project. This designed system can be tuned and integrated with your corporate software without the necessity to develop it from the scratch.


Asterisk integration.
  • Based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Web site:
  • Telephone: +37069811803, +37052120388
  • Email: Marat at inta d0t lt

Integrics Ltd

Business software integration consultancy. Specialists in Asterisk, SER, Cisco Call Manager, IVRs, and PBX integration, including billing, redundancy, conferencing.
  • Web site:
  • Telephone: UK 0808 178 3170, USA 1-888-INT-E111, Rest of world +44 20 799 39 799,
  • Email: sales (at) integrics (dot) com

Chennai, India

Intelegent firmly believes in the power and ability of open source and open standards to deliver feature-rich, readily scalable, innovative and cost-effective solutions to technological challenges. We interact very closely with the open-source communities world-over to constantly innovate, optimize, contribute by sharing and learning to ensure that our clients get the best of what there is.
  • Asterisk based SOHO / Corporate PBX
  • Converged Communication Solution - EMail + IM + VoIP
  • Call Center (Predictive Dialer) Solutions
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) Solutions

  • Asterisk Turnkey Solution providers
    • Rate: Starts at $40 per hour
    • Contact: Rajeev Natarajan
    • Telephone: +91 9444072925 / +1-360-519-5969
    • Email:support AT intelegentnetworks DOT com

People Tech systems private Limited

IVR,ASR,TTS,VXML,IMS applications, asterisk /Vyatta appliances , SS7 /SIP/TDM Gateways, Sangoma Hardware,Content Security
Contact Center Development , consulting
People Tech Systems Private Limited
F 105,3rd Street, No:4 ,Golden Brook,1st Floor
Anna Nagar East,Chennai -600102
Mob: +91 9789982453 | Dir: 044-26260810 | 044-26220019

Premium AIM

Premium AIM Asterisk consultants. Specialized in building IPRN, International Premium Rate, Call Payouts Numbers Provider solutions.

INTELLECT Information Technology Pty Ltd

Voice Over IP experts, Connecting businesses with VoIP since 2003
  • Asterisk, Switchvox, Call Manager and other VoIP PBX systems
  • Customer-oriented IT integration and support company
  • Expertise in communications and network systems, not only VoIP!
  • Design, Implementation and Support of VoIP systems

With Intellect IT solution you can do telephony in new ways:
  • Connecting employees working from home to the office PBX over broadband connections. Enabling remote users to have calls directly transferred to them as if they were working from their office.
  • Giving all employees voicemail, integrated with the Web and their E-mail. Allowing users to retrieve their voicemail messages from a web interface or have them directly delivered to their e-mail.
  • Building interactive voice applications, that connect to your ordering system or other in-house applications
  • Giving access to the company PBX for business travellers, directly from the laptop computers using a soft phone application connecting from airport or hotel wireless hotspots
  • Free calls between interstate and International offices.
  • Free calls to mobiles
  • Virtually unlimited extensions and voicemail
  • ...and much more
Contact us to discover how our solutions will meet your business needs
Phone: 1300 799 165 (+61 3 83171000)

Intuitive Voice Technology

-=Easy to Use Full Featured Asterisk Solutions Available=-
  • Phone 480-422-1244
  • Over ten years of telephony experience with fortune 100 companies.
  • Specialize in turnkey Small Business PBX solutions. Focus on ease of use and tightly integrated solutions.
  • We have a full support offering and full Asterisk management suite of tools.
  • Many happy customers and references available. Visit our site for a complete product offering.

Jared Smith, Asterisk Consultant

  • Jared Smith
  • Phone 801-231-7154
    • Respected industry expert
    • Co-Author of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony published by O'Reilly Media, September 2005
    • Experienced in Call Center design and installation
    • Experienced in Custom Asterisk Programming and Troubleshooting
    • Available for lectures and training
    • Based in Utah, United States
    • Fluent in Spanish; Hablo español!


Belgrade Serbia based information technology firm providing computer networking, Asterisk PBX support, Call Center and IVR solutions and consulting.

iPhonica LLC.

iPhonica provides consultancy for Next Generation VoIP Solutions. Provides development, maintenance, support, consultancy for Asterisk, SER. Complete end to end solutions like call centers, IP-PBXs, calling card application for service providers, session border controllers can be provided.

Izeni, inc.

  • Specialises in custom design, development, and deployment of Asterisk and FreeSWITCH-based telephony applications.
  • Experience in building custom call center software, custom dialers, SIP load testers, and other SIP/VoIP-based applications
  • Available for consulting and custom development
  • Phone: 801-797-0909
  • Email:
  • Web:
  • Based out of Utah, but servicing customers internationally. Languages spoken by our team include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian.

GEDAM Europe SRL, Torino

GEDAM Europe The European Arm of GEDAM Advanced Communications in New Zealand and Partner of SineApps (The producer of the Daily Asterisk News has finally gone public. The main base of operations for Europe is in Torino in the north of Italy, although we provide worldwide support. We specialise in all types of Asterisk and SER projects. We also develop embedded hardware platforms for running voice applications. We also have extensive experience with video over IP and can custom develop solutions to meet your needs perfectly.
o Home page::
o Telephone: PSTN +39 011 5694900
o Email:

hagel IT-Services GmbH, Hamburg

We provide you with Asterisk-installations, VoIP-Consulting and customized programming.


Authorized Digium reseller for Russian Federation. Great experience with IP-PBX remote deployment and maintenance. Great experience with various IP-phones and VoIP-gateways. Asterisk security solutions, including Ranch Networks MIDCOM firewalls. DUNDi networks.

iTFUTURE Tecnologia e Informação Ltda. (São Paulo-SP / Brasil)

Divisão iComm
  • Phone: +55 (11) 4063-4304
  • Corporate IP Telecom solutions
  • IP Telecom consulting and Distributed communications
  • Asterisk consulting and advanced implementations.
  • Pre-Paid VoIP
  • Contact :
  • web:
  • e-mail:

Mathias Kettner

Mathias Kettner Asterisk and Linux Consulting and Training.
We offer a wide range of services and support concerning Asterisk, VoIP, XEN, Nagios, RPM, Softwaredistribution, Automatic Installation, AutoYast, Kickstart etc.


Professional VoIP and Asterisk consultant since 2005
Professional Linux SysAdmin, coder and security manager since 2000

Modulo Consulting SRL


Free & Open Source ICT solutions

At monoploid, we provide a plethora of ICT services based on free software and open technologies. We perform:
  • Asterisk installation
  • Callshop deployment
  • Corporate VoIP setups
  • Scalable load-balanced/high-availability VoIP setups

Other VoIP services include:
  • Custom Asterisk development
  • VoIP peering
  • Remote technical support

Linksoft Technologies Ltd (Hong Kong)

Linksoft Technologies Ltd is a telecom software solution provider specializing in VOIP and traditional telephony applications. We provides consultancy, software development, and system integration services. We specialize in:
  • turn-key Asterisk-based IP-PBX software solution with an initutive web-based configuration and management interface
  • custom Asterisk modules (e.g. outbound dialer, enhanced voicemail, IVR, etc)
  • custom software development (web- or Windows- based)
  • design, configuration, and installation of Asterisk PBX system

Moki Systems

  • Website: Moki Systems
  • Located: St. George, UT
  • Email: Sales
  • Phone Number: (435)-674-3571
The Moki Systems Team has experience configuring, maintaining and installing Asterisk Phone Systems. Our rates are very competitive and we offer our services in English and Japanese. The Moki Systems Team is Polycom Certified allowing you access to the highest quality phone systems at a reasonable price.


NDSoftware provides VoIP consulting services.

Nethawk (Pvt) Ltd

We are a R&D oriented company, we have strategic alliances with several hardware resellers, focus on reliability and security We provide Consulting, Planning, Deployment, support and training services for Asterisk based PBX and appliances.

  • Installation of Asterisk PBX with PSTN, VoIP, GSM and FAX integration
  • Installation of switches with traffic management and Wifi Networks with wireless IP phones
  • Turnkey solutions & Integration of asterisk with existing network utilizing SIP and/or IAX2.
  • Call center solutions.
  • Custom AGI scripts, diaplan extensions, billing systems
  • Asterisk / VoIP Network Support & Management.
  • 12x5x365 On-Call Engineer support services.

Contact Person:
S.Khan. Rao
Cell: +92.344.5900.154
Company Website:

Net Style Ltd.

IT consulting services for telecom and mobile VAS.
  • Asterisk deployment, configuration and support
  • PSTN and VoIP networks integration
  • Solutions: IP-PBX, Call centers, IVR applications, conference platforms
  • Custom software development for Asterisk: AEL scripting, AGI and AMI development, DBMS and web services integration
  • Cluster solutions for Asterisk for scalability and availability
  • Core platforms: Ubuntu, RHEL, ALT Linux
Contact information:
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Land line phone: +380 44 3039338
Fax: +380 44 2310451


NextGenData is an IP services company providing businesses the ability to completely re-engineer IT infrastructure using the most cost effective and reliable technology available. We provide SIP voice trunks and feature servers for Asterisk users. We also provide consulting on the VoIP architectures for multiple platforms including Asterisk.

Next I.X., inc.

They focus on technology solutions for Start-up and Rapidly Growing Call Centers. The company has done extensive testing, troubleshooting and installation of asterisk for real world production environment. Its integrated technology package is complemented by a dedicated technical support team that provides expert business process support services to boost the client's competitive advantage in the highly dynamic call center industry.
NextIX technical support and development team are Digium certified professionals.
NextIX also operates an offshore call center and medical transcription company in the Philippines.

Su socio tecnológico

  • Diseño de redes Voip (Voip Network design).
  • Consultoria Asterisk (Asterisk consulting).
  • Guias de resolución de problemas (Troubleshoting guides).
  • Soporte remoto de Asterisk (Asterisk remote support).
  • Desarrollos a medida para Asterisk (Ad-hoc Asterisk development).
  • Integración de sistemas (System integration).
  • Miembro del AAUG (Member of AAUG).


Oleg Titov, Asterisk Consultant

  • Web site:
  • E-mail: oleg.titov at
  • FWD:
  • fwdOUT: 52442
  • Languages: Spanish, Russian, English
  • Asterisk PBX, VoIP, SIP, H.323, worldwide remote administration, Linux sysadm, consultancy and training courses.

Special pricing for personal projects, SOHO/SMB clients. Secure and easy payment with PayPal.

Lintel Technologies Pvt Ltd

Solutions Designed :
CALL Center : Predictive , Priview and Progressive Modes
Asterisk : IP PBX / Audio Conferencing / IVRS/Speech Recognition with all indian languages
OpenSer : Sip Express Router
Building API to integrate and interact with your Inhouse Softwares
Hosted pbx,Hosted Ivrs.
Asterisk Training,
Sugar CRM
Prepaid Calling Cards
Wholesale Billing
Call Shop
Custom IVR Development
Hosted IVR Solutions
IP IVR Solutions
Enterprise Voicemail Systems
Carrier Voicemail Systems
Automated Dialers
Economic IP Phones (SIP / H.323 ) especially designed for Asterisk and SIP based pbx
Authorised Distributor for Rhino Cards in India
Aserisk and Freeswtich Cards available @

We do Asterisk

  • Portland, Seattle and the Bay Area.
  • Asterisk@Home solutions for small to mid-size business.

PCDOCTOR - VoIP Division

  • Asterisk based VoIP PBX and Call Center solutions with CRM integration;
  • Video Phone, Video Conferencing and Video over IP to check, control and discuss face to face with your employees;
  • Our consulting services will help your organization to covert its existing telephone system into cost saving, effective and flexible VoIP structure;
  • On site and remote services from our consultants available everyday 8:30 - 20.00;
  • We speak polish and english;

Progressive Voice Services Limited

Specialising in the design, build and deployment of large scale telephony solutions. Progressive Voice Services provide several telephony solutions including operating one of the UKs leading conference call services.
Toll Free 877-693-2226
Local 860-693-2226
  • Full Implementation and Development of Asterisk and Cisco Phone Systems
  • Custom Development
  • Managed Cost Maintenance Contracts
  • Full Service IT Support and Sales
  • Call Centers
  • VoIP over VSAT
  • Emergency Communications
  • Pre-packaged and Custom Systems Available

Sequoia Mobile Technology, Inc. (San Francisco, California and London, England)

  • services "at " sequoia(no space) (<-try this first - we travel a lot!)
  • Phone: USA: +1 888 388 4004 , UK: +44 (0)207 043 3018 (NEW)
  • Specialists in High-volume IVR, Police & Security Applications, Speech recognition, and Multi-lingual systems.
  • Experts in Nuance grammar development for Nuance Recognizer
  • Offices in Silicon Valley, California and London, England Will Travel: Western Europe and USA


  • (Rodney Tamblyn)
  • Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
  • Tel: (03) 4778606 x 1
  • Fax: (03) 4778606
  • Email:
  • Website:

SIP:XX Communications - "Double-Xtra-Strength SIP!"

US (NY, NJ): +1 800 824 6006, +1 212 537 6898
DE (Berlin): +49 30 868 70 9130
UK: +44 207 127 6310, +44 1510 601 2050
  • Voice-over-IP, Asterisk PBX, SER, SIP Exchange, Snom4s, FreeSwitch
  • SIP, IAX, MGCP, H323, SCCP, PSTN, IPv6
  • AudioCodes, Snom, Mediatrix, Sipura
  • Design, Software, Integration, Installation, Support
  • Custom SIP application development

SMB Consulting

Rafael A. Lama
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Tel: (809) 620-2488

  • Asterisk, Trixbox, Vicidial installation
  • dCAP, FTOCC Certified

Melbourne, Victoria
Telephone +61 3 8888 5361 or +61 408 873 601
  • Specialised Asterisk systems for infrastructure projects including airports, roads, tunnels and carparks.
  • Ad-hoc support or 24x7 remote support service level agreements available.
  • Support for web, database and Asterisk integration.


Asterisk PBX installation, configuration and support. We also able to provide different solutions with advanced features. We offer remote support.

The Sjobeck Company LLC

  • Jason Sjobeck, et al
  • Portland, Oregon, US
  • t: +1.503.283.7779
  • t: +1.877.283.7779
  • f: +1.646.452.0112
  • e:
  • w:
  • user page on this site
  • immediate access to both Sangoma & Digium hardware & servers at nice pricing
  • call us any time for references or a demonstration
  • ten years integration experience on nearly every OS & traditional telephony platform & technology

Synaptic Pty Ltd

  • Melbourne, Australia.
  • Integrated Open-Source Systems; since 1999.
  • Installation and support of Asterisk and Linux server systems.
  • Remote Support.
  • Tel +61 3 9484 0013
  • email Robert Slater

The Uptime Group, Inc.

IT and VoIP. Done right. Done now. (TM)
Worldwide remote consulting and support for Asterisk
  • General Asterisk/VoIP consulting
  • Design, installation and maintenance of Asterisk-based PBX systems
  • Call center infrastructure
  • Custom application/reporting development
  • Guaranteed satisfaction; many excellent references available
  • Prompt service and response times
  • Broad/in-depth team of telecom and data engineers

Contact: Dale Laushman
(303) 757-4611, Ext. 401

Ulterius Pty Ltd

Sydney, NSW, Australia
Tel: +61 (2) 8090 0800

  • Mach 1 Asterisk-based PABX
  • PABX Call Centre feature upgrades
  • VoIP infrastructure suppliers

  • CRM and CTI Integration services
  • Design and Implementation consultancy
  • VoIP Readiness Assesments

Managed Services:
  • Ongoing remote management and administration

VoIP Reach Communications

Become your own Vonage with the VoIP Vendor solution. Everything you need in one asterisk box including a web site with customer interaface to view call history, billing, voicemail and custom settings. We are also a provider of te lowest rates on termination (outbound) and origination (inbound) for US and international calling. VoIP Reach also provides technical partnerships and professional project mamagement on VoIP Networks.

Voiptech, Italy

Voiptech is an engineering company specialised in Enterprise Grade VoIP solutions for Providers, Telcos and Call Centers. Our portfolio included thousand of IP-PBX and Call Center installations. Voiptech is the developer of EasyPbx EasyPbx an Hybrid Carrier-grade Software Platform to configure, control and monitor IP-PBX deployments in real-timebased on Asterisk and CallWeaver. Visit our web site, where you can find technical hints and further informations.

    • Technical Contact : Giorgio Santini mailto:
    • Email :
    • Telephone : +39 06 62 27 79 60
    • Home Page :

Voiscout, Germany, Hamburg

VoIP Consulting, Installation, Configuration and Programing for Aterisk, Yate, Web-Services and Apples MacOSX

Warrior Hill, LLC

Warrior Hill specializes in custom Asterisk solutions. Our team of developers can provide custom solutions for your Asterisk needs quickly and affordably. We provide a full range of remote Asterisk setup and management services.

ZONE Limited (Hong Kong)

ZONE is a licensed telecom service provider in HK, specializing in Asterisk support and turnkey project implementation.

Email :
Address : Unit C, 8/F, Capella HTR, 47 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, HK.
Tel : (852) 8202-1511



  • London, United Kingdom
  • Tel: +44 (0)800 066 4864 (free phone)
  • Email: sales(at)
  • Website:

Westany provides international voice prompts for Asterisk and Freeswitch based systems in 20 seperate languages and growing.

Soluzioni Vocali

  • Milano, Italy
  • Tel: +39 02 40039010
  • Fax: +39 02 4151 203
  • Email: info(at)
  • Website:

Provides you a wide range of Asterisk IVR solution for help desks, call centers, interactive voice applications and PBX integration.We can easily
interact and manage with database,TTS through the most modern tecnologies such SOAP,Corba,SIP,VoiceXML

Net Solution Inc.

Located In Mumbai, India. Have implemented may Asterisk solutions for small and medium call centers and calling card shops. We have setup loadbalancing Vicidial Servers with high availability Mysql Cluster Database for high performance , stability and scalability.
Phone +91-22-27581200
Email dkumar at
Web :

REST ART d.o.o.

We provide a top tech services. Our main focus is in telecomunications and banking industry. Asterisk based solutions (IVR, Call center, billing, ...). Enterprise Application Integration via modern technologies.

TintaDigital STI

TintaDigital STI is a Portuguese company offering Information Technology services directed to all companies with technological needs.
Our team has solid skills in Asterisk systems, allowing the implementation of a set of services which goal is to support the planning and maintenance of the system's growth in a structured and consolidated manner.

Virtual Realm Software

We have extensive experience designing, installing and maintaining a different range of VOIP solutions. We can cluster and streamline your carrier solutions. We can help you design and implement you next big project.


VoIP Experts’ team consists of qualified professionals with an extensive experience in VoIP area. The main spheres of our expertise are technical support, configuration, troubleshooting and system maintenancce of different VoIP solutions. We strive to provide highly qualified service along with fully satisfaction of our customers allowing them to achieve their key business strategies.
  • Phone: +15304051102
  • E-mail:

We offer various services for Asterisk such as SBC Configuration, custom live cd, wengophone customization, etc.
Contact us.

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Phone: 972-235-5800
  • Asterisk Consulting: Offer two different solution packages for SOHO and enterprise at economical prices.
  • Our Consulting services also includes
    • Customized Asterisk Development
    • Asterisk configuration and installation
    • Dialplan Designing
    • AGI scripting
    • IVR Designing
    • Troubleshoot and other consulting services
  • VOIP Hardware distribution include polycom and grandstream. see website for more details

Asterisk Support & Consulting

Install and customize your VOIP PBX Solution.
Call Center Vicidial installation and integration.
Networking Linux Specialist

Radu Padure

VoIP Experts

  • /
  • Location: Córdoba - Argentine
  • Tel/Fax: +543515713406
  • Location: Buenos Aires - Argentine
  • Tel/Fax: +541162612011
  • VoIP Consulting / Asterisk Specialists
  • Design, Configuration,Integration, Installation and maintenance of Asterisk PBX Systems. We can provide installation and support of these systems worldwide.
  • Custom asterisk PBXes for small, medium and enterprise level offices
  • Custom business applications solutions and development based on * (Home Banking, Predictive Dialers, IVRs, CTI)
  • Specializing in all facets of VoIP, Including provisioning, wholesale termination, high-volume Unified Messaging (Including Voice Mail, Fax Services, call conferencing, etc)
  • Troubleshooting. Design. Analysis. Consulting

VoIP Citadel

Guaranteed Results
  • 24 hour Availability
  • Asterisk PBX specialists with a proven track record
  • Consulting, integration, optimization and repair
  • Phone 480.371-1726

VoIP Experts

Guaranteed Results
  • Asterisk Consulting, integration, optimization and repair
  • 24/7/365 Availablity
  • Contact Center specialists with a proven track record
  • Call Shop


Creators of VicidialNOW distribution a call center suite automated installation pack in 1 CD!

Asterisk Support & Consulting

Linux Server Installation (Web, Mail, etc...).
Asterisk Server Installation.

José Héctor Galimberti

Almontaha ICT Co

  • Install and customize Asterisk PBX.

  • Using a powerful java swing GUI interface for User Management, CDR List, Call Recording, Call Spy, Server Health Monitor, Builtin IAX admin phone, Group Management, Remote Backup and Restore, Export every thing to excel.
  • Call Center software and database integration.
  • SMS & IVR Value added services provider.

Almontaha ICT Co.
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