Asterisk contexts

All defined extensions belong to one CONTEXT. These are defined in extensions.conf and referenced in many other configuration files.

You can jump between contexts with the Goto application. Macros are defined as separate contexts.

Contexts are named freely, but a few standardized contexts exist.

Contexts contain several lines, one for each step of each extension, which can take one of two forms as listed below, with the first form being preferred. One may include another context in the current one as well, optionally with a date and time. Included contexts are included in the order they are listed.


exten => someexten,priority,application(arg1,arg2,...)
exten => someexten,priority,application,arg1|arg2...

Standard contexts

  • default: The default context

Contexts related to various modules/applications

  • parkedcalls: Asterisk cmd ParkedCall:ParkedCall application
  • disa: DISA application

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