Asterisk failover

Preparing for Murphy: Failure

  • case 1: two identical Asterisk boxes with one acting as hot-failure backup
  • case 2

Also look at: VRRPD (KeepAlive daemon)

You may also wish to check out UCARP, it calls a script when the VIP changes up/down - a little more sysadmin friendly than VRRPD

If you're talking plain FXO/FXS ports (as in two-wire CO lines, not T1
or anything fancy), go LOW tech:

Pick up a DPDT relay with 12V or 5V coil-voltage from your favorite
electronics outlet (allelectronics, jameco, etc), and hook it up like

/ \

When the coil is energized, the phone will be connected to the FXS port;
when power is absent, the phone will be connected to the CO-line (which
is still connected to the FXO port on your PBX. Now connect the coil to
the appropriate power on your PBX computer... When the computer is on,
the phone is an extension on the PBX; when the computer is off, your
phone is connected directly to the CO line for emergencies.

I have this working on my home-PBX w/o a problem; the relay cost me $2
or $3 incl. shipping (with some other parts), the connectors were strewn
about my office.

Jay Milk

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