Asterisk fli4l

Asterisk for fli4l

fli4l initially is a router-on-a-floppy project, however using OPT packages many contributions have been added that go far beyond pure routing functions. Installs are also possible on hdd, cdrom or flash. Note that Asterisk for fli4l doesn't fit onto a floppy. ;-)

Compiled for Pentium 1, based on 'bristuff'; requires the HD module for fli4l, which allows e.g. the use of a CF card adapter as harddisk; 32 MB RAM are probably the minimum requirement. Supports:
  • SIP
  • IAX
  • ISDN BRI cards with either HFC chipsets (also in NT mode)
  • ISDN BRI cards with CAPI drivers
  • Wildcard X100P analog card
Needs Asterisk binaries (> 12 MB), some libraries and a couple of fli4l OPT packages. Now also support reverse-number lookup using the web pages of the German white pages ("Das Oertliche") using TELMOND.

By the way fli4l also has QoS support (editor tool 1 and tool 2).

Fully integrated OPT

As of March, 2008 a new OPT for Fli4l is available, that fully integrates Asterisk 1.4.19, but without the support of any interfacing hardware (HFC, DAHDI etc.). It supports SIP and IAX(2) protocols and doesn't require any data partition. For further information, please go to !


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