Asterisk func REDIRECTING

Redirecting is a name to describe the aspects of the common feature called RPID or remote party id. The idea is that a user can dial a number and the display on the users phone is updated during the call with the information about the called party. This is also described as reverse caller id. Regardless this feature has become complicated. The features in Asterisk 1.8 include sharing this calling information with many protocols and interfaces like DAHDI, IAX2, SIP, etc...

From the 1.8 CLI you can type "core show function redirecting" to get more information

Copied from the output:


datatype: from-all from-name from-name-valid from-name-charset from-name-pres from-num from-num-valid from-num-plan from-num-pres from-subaddr from-subaddr-valid from-subaddr-type from-subaddr-odd from-tag to-all to-name to-name-valid to-name-charset to-name-pres to-num to-num-valid to-num-plan to-num-pres to-subaddr to-subaddr-valid to-subaddr-type to-subaddr-odd to-tag reason count

i: If set, this will prevent the channel from sending out protocol messages because of the value being set

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