Asterisk func array

Allows setting multiple variables at once; introduced in Asterisk v1.4.
Also available as a backport for v1.2 and Business Edition at svncommunity.



The comma-separated list passed as a value to which the function is set will be interpreted as a set of values to which the comma-separated list of variable names in the argument should be set. Hence, Set(ARRAY(var1,var2)=1,2) will set var1 to 1 and var2 to 2
Note: Remember to backslash your commas in extensions.conf, since Set() can take multiple arguments itself.

Return value

None. ARRAY can only be written to, not read from.


exten => s,1,Set(ARRAY(var1,var2)=1\,2) ;will set var1 to 1 and var2 to 2

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