Asterisk func math


Performs Mathematical Functions


MATH(<number1><op><number 2>[,<type_of_result>])

Perform calculation on number 1 to number 2. Valid ops are:
+,-,/,*,%,<,>,>=,<=,==and behave as their C equivalents.
<type_of_result> - wanted type of result:
f, float - float(default)
i, int - integer,
h, hex - hex,
c, char - char

Max. value: 2147483647 (signed long)

% is the modulo operator
int cuts of all decimals (it does not perform any rounding)


MATH() can only perform a single operation per MATH statement.

Return value

Returns the resulting string.


exten => s,1,Set(i=${MATH(123%16,int)})
sets var i=11 (modulo)

See also

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