Asterisk func sippeer


Gets SIP peer information
Doesn't work with RealTime.


SIPPEER(<peername>[,item]) - for Asterisk 1.6

Valid items are:
  • ip (default): The IP address.
  • port: The port number. (1.6)
  • mailbox: The configured mailbox.
  • context: The configured context.
  • expire: The epoch time of the next expire.
  • dynamic: Is it dynamic? (yes/no).
  • callerid_name: The configured Caller ID name.
  • callerid_num : The configured Caller ID number.
  • callgroup: The configured Callgroup. (1.6)
  • pickupgroup: The configured Pickupgroup. (1.6)
  • codecs: The configured codecs.
  • status: Status (if qualify=yes).
  • regexten: Registration extension
  • limit: Call limit (call-limit)
  • busylevel: Configured call level for signalling busy (1.6)
  • curcalls: Current number of calls. Only available if call-limit is set
  • language: Default language for peer
  • useragent: Current user agent id for peer
  • codec[x]: Preferred codec index number 'x' (beginning with zero).
  • accountcode: value accountcode field of CDR records for calls coming from this peer


  • *CLI> show function SIPPEER

Return value

Returns the resulting string.


exten => s,1,Set(foo=${SIPPEER(thatguy:codecs)})

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