Asterisk func strreplace


Replace instances of a substring within a string with another string.


Searches for all instances of the <find-string> in provided variable and replaces them with <replace-string>. If <replace-string> is an empty string, this will effectively delete that substring. If <max-replacements> is specified, this function will stop after performing replacements <max-replacements> times.

NOTE: The replacement only occurs in the output. The original variable is not altered.

NOTE: varname should be not a variable value or function return value, but a variable name or function name with params:
  • same => n,NoOp(${STRREPLACE(TRUNK,"_"," ")})
  • same => n,NoOp(${STRREPLACE(CDR(disposition)," ","_")})




Not available
Created by: brownian, Last modification: Tue 15 of Aug, 2017 (09:34 UTC)
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