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(note: this does not appear to be under active development though nightly snapshots are still provided and code still works. If you are the author, please update this page. - March 6, 2007)

Gastman is a graphical Manager interface for Asterisk. It uses the GTK+ library, and so is usually run under XWindows, although GTK+ environments also exist for Windows and Mac OS X.



You may download a tarball or windows installer (requires GTK2+ Runtime) or use cvs.

cd /usr/src
cvs login
cvs checkout gastman


Gastman doesn't have to run on the same computer as your Asterisk computer, which is good, because Gastman requires huge software packages to be installed before you can use it. You need to install (or have installed):
  • XWindows
  • GTK 1.2 or 2.0
  • libdb (e.g: libdb4.3-dev on Debian Sarge)
  • Dont forget to install the devel packages for GTK


  • Users of FreeBSD and Mac OS X will need to edit the Makefile to add "-D__FreeBSD__" to the CCFLAGS definition.
  • If you use the ancient gtk1.2 you may need to add the symlink:
    • cd /usr/include ; ln -s gdk-pixbuf-1.0/gdk-pixbuf .
    • But you're better off using gtk2.0.
  • Now you can do 'make', 'make install'.

It will install:
  • /usr/sbin/gastman: the Gastman executable
  • /usr/share/gastman: files (icons) that Gastman wants to use

Set Up Asterisk

You will need to edit the manager.conf file to give yourself a username and password, and to set which IP addresses you can connect from.

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