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Asterisk voicemail client "Tycho"

What is "Tycho"?

Tycho is a java based voicemail client (not only) for asterisk which enables you to manage and listen to your voicemails pretty much like your manage your email. In addition we have added some dial support so you can conveniently dial any number from within the tycho client using any soft or "hard" fone/sip adapter attached to your asterisk system.

Look here for screenshots of "Tycho" in action.

How does it Work?

"Tycho" consists of a java based client application, running on your local computer and a set of server scripts (called "vmxml" scripts) running on the asterisk server under an apache webserver.
What are the "vmxml" scripts?

What are the "vmxml" scripts?

The "vmxml" scripts are a set of php scripts which enable the "Tycho" client to easily read and manipulate asterisk voicemails using http. This way the client doesnt need to know how the asterisk voicemail system actually works. The "vmxml" scripts take care of this. The client only needs to "say" what he wants to do like "list all voicemails in the current users 'Inbox' folder". Hence this scripts act as an abstraction layer between the asterisk voicemail system and our "Tycho" client.

What do i need to run the Stuff?

Client Side:
You need a sun java engine > 1.4.2 and one of the following operating systems:

  • Linux (X86,X11+GTK) i.e. Ubuntu
  • Microsoft Windows (Home/XP/2000)
  • Mac OSX (X86 or PPC)

The following operating systems are supported but not yet tested: Sun Solaris, AIX. If you would like to test the Tycho client on one of those platforms give us a ring .

Server Side:
An asterisk server with a configured voicemail system and an apache server with php 4.3 or better.

Note: The Asterisk voicemail spool and files need to be read and writable for the user-id apache is using. Please see the documentation of the vmail.cgi script on how to accomplish this!

You can download the client and the server scripts here

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