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Considerations for buying a channel bank

Channel banks are typically employed if you need to connect ~5-16 analog phones since that is the most cost effective solution. So, if you're looking for a channel bank to interface phones with Asterisk, then the important keywords would include "2-wire", "disconnect supervision", "fx lines", etc. Might also ensure it can supply the needed 100 vac ringing voltage (historically referred to as a ring generator).

Q: Can modern channel banks handle translating all the "new" analog signaling features into a T-1 format? For example, can it interpret the 1200 baud FSK caller ID stream that is inserted between the first and second ring and translate that into digital caller ID delivery out the RJ-45 port?

A: Yes, that is indeed an issue you need to watch out for!


  1. Caller ID
  2. Caller ID call waiting
  3. distinctive rings
  4. call waiting
  5. analog 3-way calling (flash hook)
  6. analog call transfer (3-way call w/hang up)
  7. stutter dial-tone (message waiting)
  8. Transmit FSK on idle channels (Message waiting FSK Msg)
  9. far end disconnect supervision on FXO cards
  10. echo echo echo echo echo: some like the ADIT 600 have a feature called dynamic impedance matching which really seems to fix this cause of echo at the source
  11. RF interference: I have had my local AM radio station play on my FXO cards :)
  12. Flexibility: how do you expand - in groups of 2,4,8,12 or are they fixed at 24 ports (FXS or FXO)
  13. Support: Some vendors - if buying in the after market - will plain not support used gear, while others will only provide support usually equal in value to what you pay for the channel bank even if its only a manual you want
  14. Price :-)


4-7 are handled by most products

      • YOU NEED TO SEE THE COMMENTS*** by lytledd. It gives you a step by step on how to setup the channel bank.
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