Asterisk hardware mini-itx

Asterisk on Mini-itx

Some comments from the mailing list:

Leo Ann Boone:
We just got 1 Nehemiah in the office. Performance-wise it's pretty much a P3-class machine, IIRC the FPU is running at full clock speed compared to the 800MHz version. We do have problem booting a 686 optimized kernel on it. Can't install White Box Enterprise Linux (community distro based on RedHat Advance Server 3.0) but RH 8 works fine. The box we have takes 2 PCI cards beautifully, but no * yet. I'd * running on the 800MHz box. It's works fine as long as you're not using too much floating point (i.e. avoid compression/decompression on the box). My setup had one XP101 connected to one 1 DG104S MGCP gateway and one BATM MGCP gateway. Works pretty well without MOH (MP3=FPU). MeetMe works fine. I'd an early TDM400 hooked up to it for a while, but gave up because of the massive amount of PSU noise. YMMV.

The kernel source has specific options for the processors used on these cards.
for the standard C3 processor, select "CyrixIII/VIA-C3"
for the neremiah processor, select "VIA-C3-2"

2004-04-16 from DavidBeckemeyer:

I successfully installed Asterisk on an Via EPIA M10000 mini-itx system. I installed the Suse 9.0 pro default system, added the devel packages needed for *, built * and installed the demo setup. No errors. All built and installed clean. So far it works fine. The Suse 9.0 video drivers don't seem to work perfectly with the Via graphics, but they work good enough for my purposes (so far getting rid of wallpaper seems to be a work-around) but I plan to run it headless anyway. Next, I will see if I can get an X100P card to work (the M10000 only has one PCI slot). It is just a single data point and I've only tested the basic features of the demo config, but the good news is it installed without a hitch and works so far.

AstLinux Runs like a champ on my CL-10000:

  • 1ghz C3 CPU
  • 256mb RAM
  • 256mb compact flash (boot)
  • 20gb WD HD (voicemail)
  • small case, external PSU

I got everything above (except salvaged HD + CF) for $273 shipped from Directron.

2005-05-04 from TOSTi:
If you are interested in silence: It also works on ME/CL6000 boards, even for multiple concurent calls ...

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