Asterisk indications UK

description = United Kingdom
ringcadance = 400,200,400,2000
; These are the official tones taken from BT SIN350. The actual tones
; used by BT include some volume differences so sound slightly different
; from Asterisk-generated ones.
dial = 350+440
; Special dial is the intermittent dial tone heard when, for example,
; you have a divert active on the line
specialdial = 350+440/750,440/750
; Busy is also called "Engaged"
busy = 400/375,0/375
; "Congestion" is the Beep-bip engaged tone
congestion = 400/400,0/350,400/225,0/525
; "Special Congestion" is not used by BT very often if at all
specialcongestion = 400/200,1004/300
unobtainable = 400
ring = 400+450/400,0/200,400+450/400,0/2000
callwaiting = 400/100,0/4000
; BT seem to use "Special Call Waiting" rather than just "Call Waiting" tones
specialcallwaiting = 400/250,0/250,400/250,0/250,400/250,0/5000
; "Pips" used by BT on payphones. (Souds wrong, but this is what BT claim it
; is and I've not used a payphone for years)
creditexpired = 400/125,0/125
; These two are used to confirm/reject service requests on exchanges that
; don't do voice announcements.
confirm = 1400
switching = 400/200,0/400,400/2000,0/400
; This is the three rising tones Doo-dah-dee "Special Information Tone",
; usually followed by the BT woman saying an appropriate message.
info = 950/330,0/15,1400/330,0/15,1800/330,0/1000
; Not listed in SIN350
record = 1400/500,0/60000

These tones aren't used by asterisk as standard, so you need something like the following for your outbound calls:

exten => _9.,1,Dial(Zap/g1/${EXTEN:1})
exten => _9.,2,NoOp(HANGUPCAUSE is ${HANGUPCAUSE})
exten => _9.,3,gotoif,$[${HANGUPCAUSE} = 1]?external-UNOBTAINABLE|1
exten => _9.,4,gotoif,$[${HANGUPCAUSE} = 16]?external-BUSY|1
exten => _9.,5,Goto(external-${DIALSTATUS},1)
exten => external-NOANSWER,1,Playtones(Busy)
exten => external-BUSY,1,Playtones(Busy)
exten => external-CONGESTION,1,Playtones(Congestion)
exten => external-UNOBTAINABLE,1,Playtones(Unobtainable)

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