Asterisk last number repeat

Asterisk Last Number Repeat

If you use this setup a phone can dial *5 to repeat the last number you dialed (from that callerid).

The configuration is based upon a few steps:

Step 1: Separate the dialling context for phones/users from the 'actual dialling' from the macro we will define in Step 2:

include = apps
include = dialpbx

exten = _X.,1,Macro(dial)

include = local
include = apps
include = outbound

exten = t,1,Busy

Step 2: Route all dialling (except for applications/vertical service codes) through a Macro:
If you already had your extensions going to context 'pbx', you are already doing this (see Step 1)

exten = s,1,DBput(RepeatDial/${CALLERIDNUM}=${MACRO_EXTEN})
exten = s,2,Dial(Local/${MACRO_EXTEN}@router)
exten = s,3,Busy


  • This macro reads variables stored in the Asterisk database
  • The macro executes 'Dial(Local/<number>@router)'. This implies the number that was selected is dialable from the [router] context, as shown in Step 1. You may need to change this. (If you only want outbound redirect this could be Dial(Zap/1/<number>) for instance)
  • If the DBget does not find a key, it exists with the result code 101, making the next step in the dial plan the current priority+101

Step 3: Adding the redial shortcode

; Repeat last dialled number
exten = *5,1,DBget(temp=RepeatDial/${CALLERIDNUM})
exten = *5,2,Dial(Local/${temp}@router) ; Last known

; No RepeatDial key
exten = *5,102,Congestion


  • This context implements the functionality to activate the redial. It should be accessible for users as defined in Step 1.
  • This programming does not confirm the setting with an audio prompt. Add this if you want the user to get a confirmation of the new status.

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