Asterisk libpri

libpri supports PRI, BRI and QSIG


As of libpri 1.4.4 this library now also supports BRI (basic rate interface, sometimes known as ISDN-2) next to PRI.

WARNING for 1.4.4

libpri-1.4.4 includes a patch which shouldn't ever have been released. This patch resulted in third party hangups being ignored. See http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=12655 for details of the bug and instructions for removal of the patch.



From the old, original README:
libpri is a C implementation of the Primary Rate ISDN specification. It was
based on the Bellcore specification SR-NWT-002343 for National ISDN. As of
May 12, 2001, it has been tested work with NI-2, Nortel DMS-100, and Lucent 5E Custom protocols on switches from Nortel and Lucent.

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