Asterisk multiple bindaddr bounty

From: Zenon Panoussis, <oracle AT provocation DOT net>
Bounty: USD min 50, max 100 (contact me first)
Opened: 30 Jan 2008

Edited: 08 Aug 2009
From: Florian Meister <florian DOT meister AT medienhaus DOT at>
Bounty: USD min 500, max 1000 (contact me first)

See problem description at

The bounty is for a patch that will allow either (a) multiple occurrences of bindaddr in sip.conf and rtp.conf or, preferably, (b) one occurrence of bindaddr which accepts a comma-delimited list of addresses. The patch must work with the latest stable asterisk release (not SVN, beta, RC etc) at the time when it is submitted and must not break anything else.

Digium's code guidelines do not apply. The patch must be released under GPL2+ (v2 or any later version at downstream's option). The additional problem in comment 0081436 is not part of the assignment and doesn't have to be solved.

Created by: zenon, Last modification: Sun 09 of Aug, 2009 (09:53 UTC) by fmeister
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