Asterisk oh323 channels

oh323 channel

The first H.323 implementation for Asterisk. The H.323 channel driver included in
Asterisk CVS source is based on this source code.

Both versions have continued independent development, so there are two drivers, one in the Asterisk distribution and one available on the InAccess Networks web site:

To use OH323 you will need to compile third party software packages like PWLib and OpenH323. Recent version of OH323 compile everything into a big static module that need no dynamic libs loaded. Look at for a detailed step-by-step instruction list on how to compile.

Dial syntax

Without gatekeeper:
<exten> and <port> are optional


With gatekeeper:


The second option is valid only in the case where a gatekeeper is used. OH323 supports only one gatekeeper (or none, but not multiple gatekeepers). OH323 itself only acts as H.323 Gateway.
NOTE: OpenH323 library v1.12.0 has a bug in the parsing of the destination host. When this version is used then the above syntax should be:


Installation guides

Installing oh323 7.3 on Asterisk 1.2.13

I installed oh323 7.3 with asterisk 1.2.13 on redhat linux 7.3 and 9.0 successfully. But I failed on FC5(pwlib does not compile). Here is what I did:
  1. Download Asterisk 1.2.13 from
  2. Download oh323 7.3 from
  3. Download patched pwlib from
  4. Download patched openh323 from
  5. Compile asterisk and install.
  6. Compile pwlib with "./configure && make opt"
  7. Set environment variable "PWLIBDIR" to path of pwlib source.
  8. Compile openh323 with "./configure && make clean && make opt"
  9. Modify Makefile of oh323. Change "PWLIBDIR", "OPENH323DIR", "ASTERISKINCDIR" to the path of the source code(Remember to append "/include" in ASTERISKINCDIR).
  10. Compile oh323 with "make && make install".
  11. By default oh323 wrapper will be installed in "/usr/local/lib", which is defined as OH323WRAPLIBDIR in Makefile. Add the path to /etc/ and run "ldconfig".
  12. END

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