Asterisk options

Starting Asterisk

  • -c: Console mode. Don't go into background mode, stay in foreground with a command line interface (implies -f)
  • -C <filename>: Start Asterisk with a specified configuration file
  • -d: Debug mode
  • -f: Stay in foreground mode
  • -g: Dump core in case of a crash
  • -h: Help (list all command line options).
  • -i: Initializie crypto keys at startup
  • -p: Run as pseudo-realtime thread
  • -q: Quiet mode
  • -v: The verbose command. Add more 'v':s to get more messages.

Connecting to a running Asterisk

  • -r:Connect to Asterisk running in the background and present a command line interface
  • -R:Same as -r, but will automatically reconnect to the daemon (or at least retry) if the daemon restarts
  • -x:In combination with -r, execute an Asterisk CLI command
  • -n:Disable ANSI colour support


  • asterisk -vvvvvvdr:Start a very chatty Asterisk command line interface and connect to asterisk running in the background
  • asterisk -vvvvvvc:Start Asterisk PBX, don't go background
  • asterisk -rx reload:Connect to a running Asterisk, force reload of configuration with the CLI command "reload"

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