Asterisk phone Cisco SCCP 7970

Here you can find explanation how to setup Cisco 7970 IP Phone with SCCP image to work on Asterisk.

1. Download Asterisk chan_sccp-b from

2. edit /etc/asterisk/sccp.conf so it looks something like this:


type        = 7970		; device type (see below)
autologin   = 30,31,		; lines list. You can add an empty line for an empty button (7960, 7970, 7940, 7920)
description = jj7970		; internal description. Not important
tzoffset  = -9
transfer = on			; enable or disable the transfer capability. It does remove the transfer softkey
park = on				; take a look to the compile howto. Park stuff is not compiled by default
speeddial =				; you can add an empty speedial if you want an empty button (7960, 7970, 7920)
speeddial = *97,voicemail,
cfwdall = off			; activate the callforward stuff and softkeys
cfwdbusy = off
dtmfmode = inband			; inband or outofband. outofband is the native cisco dtmf tone play.
					; Some phone model does not play dtmf tones while connected (bug?), so the default is inband
; imageversion = P00405000700	; useful to upgrade old firmwares (the ones that do not load *.xml from the tftp server)
; deny=				; Same as general
; permit=		; This device can register only using this ip address
permit= /
dnd = on						; turn on the dnd softkey for this device. Valid values are "off", "on" 
							; (busy signal), "reject" (busy signal), "silent" (ringer = silent)
trustphoneip = no			; The phone has a ip address. It could be private, so if the phone is behind NAT
					; we don't have to trust the phone ip address, but the ip address of the connection
;earlyrtp = none			; valid options: none, offhook, dial, ringout. default is none.
					; The audio strem will be open in the progress and connected state.
private = on			; permit the private function softkey for this device
mwilamp = on			; Set the MWI lamp style when MWI active to on, off, wink, flash or blink
mwioncall = off			; Set the MWI on call.
device => SEP0016C87754CE	; device name SEP<MAC>


id          = 30			; future use
pin         = 1234		; future use
label       = 30			; button line label (7960, 7970, 7940, 7920)
description = Line 30		; top diplay description
context     = sip			; sccp
incominglimit = 2			; more than 1 incoming call = call waiting.
transfer = on			; per line transfer capability. on, off, 1, 0
mailbox = 30			; voicemail.conf (syntax: vmbox[@context][:folder])
vmnum = *97				; speeddial for voicemail administration, just a number to dial
cid_name = JJJ			; caller id name 
cid_num = 30
trnsfvm = 1000				; extension to redirect the caller (e.g for voicemail)
secondary_dialtone_digits = 9		; digits for the secondary dialtone (max 9 digits)
secondary_dialtone_tone = 0x21	; outside dialtone
music			; Sets the default music on hold class
language=en					; Default language setting
;accountcode=79501			; accountcode to ease billing
rtptos = 184				; sets the the rtp packets TOS for this line
echocancel = on				; sets the phone echocancel for this line
silencesuppression = off		; sets the silence suppression for this line
;callgroup=1,3-4				; We are in caller groups 1,3,4. Valid for this line
;pickupgroup=1,3-5			; We can do call pick-p for call group 1,3,4,5. Valid for this line
;amaflags =					; Sets the default AMA flag code stored in the CDR record for this line
line => 30

3. edit your /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf
To be added.

4. In root directory of your tftp server put this file SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml which looks like this:

<device  xsi:type="axl:XIPPhone">
<timeZone>W. Europe Standard/Daylight Time</timeZone>
<member  priority="0">










Now, when phone boots up it will download SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml from tftp server. Then he will register with asterisk. And if you have setup extensions.conf corecty you can dial and receive calls.

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