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The Mitel Networks™ 5055 SIP Phone is a full-featured, standards-based business telephone. It delivers toll-quality voice and session initiation protocol (SIP) services to the end user’s desktop. As a versatile, highly interoperable phone, it can function as a standalone product connected to a service provider, as part of a Mitel Networks total IP-based business communication solution, or in PBX environments that support SIP.

NOTE: In December 2004 Mitel released SIP versions of their two most popular IP phones: the 5220 and 5215. With this announcement, the 5055 phone is no longer available for purchase from Mitel.


NOTE: Be sure to setup a mirror before Mitel removes these links.

Phone Configuration

You first need to connect to the web administration interface on the 5055:
  • On the phone, press the Menu key and the first line key. The display will now show you the IP address of your set.
  • On your PC, point your web browser to that IP address.
  • The default user name is "admin" and password is "5055".
You then need to change the following configuration pages.


Set up with the following under User Config:
  • User ID or Extension: <your user name>
  • SIP Auth User Name: <your user name>
  • Password: < your password >
Note that it is important to enter the user name in both user entry boxes. It is tempting to enter the extension number in the first box, but this is really for the user name as Asterisk will assign the extension number upon successful registration.

SIP Config


  • SIP Proxy Server: <my * hostname or IP>
  • Port: 5060
  • SIP Registry Server: <my * hostname or IP>
  • Port: 5060
  • Authenticate Method: Digest
  • Registry Duration: 7200
  • Phone Listening Port: 5060
  • Transport Protocol: UDP
  • Symmetric UDP Port: On

Additional Servers

  • Outbound Server: Off
  • Outbound Server URL: blank
  • Outbound Server Port: blank
  • Voice Mail Server: <mailbox # @ * hostname or IP>
  • Number of rings: 4
  • Port: 5060
  • Backup Server Timeout: 4 Seconds


  • Emergency Number: blank
  • Emergency Server IP: blank
  • Port: blank


  • Bypass Firewall NAT: Off
  • Mode: Static
  • WAN IP Discovery URL: blank
  • WAN IP Address: blank

Network Config

If you wish to configure the set with a static IP address, you can do so here.

Asterisk Configuration

Here is an entry for sip.conf:



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