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Mitel 5220 / 5215 phones in SIP mode - General notes


The Mitel 5220 Phone is a full-featured, standards-based business telephone.

The original 5220 only supported Mitel's Proprietary MiNet protocol, but the later Dual Mode versions can be switched into SIP mode. The 5215 model is a cut-down version of the 5220 with fewer programmable buttons and a reduced set of address book features, but fundamentally they are the same phone and these notes apply to both models. For the sake of clarity, references to '5220' also refer to the 5215 model unless specifically mentioned otherwise.


Documentation is found at Mitel's documentation site at The current versions of the documentation (at the time of this writing) are:

Changing the Phone into SIP Mode

The phones ship by default configured to use Mitel's MiNet protocol. To change a set to use SIP, follow the steps below.

NOTE: These instructions apply to the 'Dual Mode' phones. Some older units are not Dual Mode and therefore cannot be switched into SIP mode. To check, look at the label on the base of the phone and make sure the description includes the words 'Dual Mode'. If not, your phone does not support SIP. Neither can such phones be upgraded with SIP firmware.

  1. Disconnect the power from the set.
  2. Hold down the "Superkey" (or "Menu" key with some paper inserts) while powering up the set.
  3. The set will come up and ask if you want to CONFIGURE PHONE? select YES.
  5. "HARDWARE CONFIG?" select NO
  6. "PHONE MODE?" select YES
  7. "PROTOCOL?" select YES
  8. "PHONE MODE: Minet" select Change
  9. Select "SIP", "Accept" and confirm with "Yes". It will now save the settings to NVram
  10. "REBOOT NOW?" select Yes

The set will now boot into SIP mode and you can proceed with phone configuration.

Note: Occasionally, some phones end up in a reboot loop after being switched to SIP mode - it seems that the SIP firmware is either corrupt or somehow does not get enabled properly. If this happens, you need to re-install the SIP firmware. Instructions on how to do this are hereabouts, but you need to get into the phone to set up the address of your TFTP server and to turn on automatic updates; to do this, power up the phone with the volume-up arrow key held down and you will find you can make the necessary changes.

Phone Configuration

You first need to connect to the web administration interface on the phone:
  • On the phone, press the Superkey (or Menu with some inserts) key and then the first line key. The display will now show you the IP address of your set.
  • On your PC, point your web browser(:exclaim:) to that IP address.
  • The default user name is "admin" and password is "5220" (or "5215" for that model).
Note: The web management feature uses some peculiar scripting that works only with IE. Changes fail without warning when using Firefox, Konqueror or Opera, so on Linux you're out of luck.

Page/Intercom Use

These Mitel phones can be used to page through the speakerphone. The method is to add an extension that calls an AGI script which logs into the Mitel Web interface and dials a Meetme conference which then allows the speakerphone to announce the page.

The following will need to be added to extensions.conf:

exten => *33,1,Agi(miteldial)               ; User dials *33 to initiate the intercom/page, the miteldial script is called
exten => *33,n,MeetMe(9001,Aqd)       ; When the script completes, the initial user is added to the meetme conference and can announce the page
exten => 9001,1,MeetMe(9001,xqd)     ; this extension is only called ny the AGI script (miteldial)

Here is the contents for the miteldial AGI script:

 # Marc Purdon, 2010
 # This script logs into the web interface on Mitel phones and dials a specified URI, password below 
 # needs to be replaced by the login password for the phone.

curl -d "cmd1=Dial&sipurl=9001" http://admin:password@ > /dev/null 
curl -d "cmd1=Dial&sipurl=9001" http://admin:password@ > /dev/null 
curl -d "cmd1=Dial&sipurl=9001" http://admin:password@ > /dev/null 
curl -d "cmd1=Dial&sipurl=9001" http://admin:password@ > /dev/null 


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