Asterisk phone SPA-2000

Excellent article on configuring Sipura SPA-2000 for Asterisk is found on:

  • Sample Config.

Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)

By default the Sipura does a 1/2 ring whenever it registers and the message waiting indicator MWI is on. You can control the frequency of this chirp by setting the registration interval in the Sipura's configuration for that phone. There are also configuration settings for controlling how the Sipura handles MWI (ring length, etc). You can turn this chirp off by going to the Voice -> User1 menu and scrolling to the bottom, change the MWI or VMWI setting to 0 — it will no longer chirp at re-registrations. See also: Asterisk sip mailbox

Music On Hold (MOH) Server

Asterisk can be a "music on hold server" for the Sipura ATAs, and it is quite easy to setup.
  • First, do the normal Asterisk music on hold configuration. Here is an example line for a musiconhold.conf file:
random => quietmp3:/usr/share/asterisk/mohmp3,-z

  • Next, add an extension in your dialplan which just invokes the Asterisk MusicOnHold command to play hold music. The Sipura ATAs will then "call" that extension for hold music when you put a caller on hold or do a non-blind transfer. Here is an example:
exten => 899,1,MusicOnHold(random)

  • Finally, configure the "MOH Server" field of each Line on the Sipura ATA. If the ATA is already registered with your Asterisk server as its "Proxy", then you can just put the extension number/name in the "MOH Server" field. For the example above, just put 899 in the field. You can also use an syntax for a different host.
You may need to reload/restart Asterisk for the changes to take effect, especially if you mess with your MOH sound files. You don't need to modify the sip.conf file at all, and I can't figure out what the musicclass variable in that file is for.

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