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Siemens LP5100 / OptiPoint 100 / OptiPoint 300

This is a first generation IP phone from Siemens. The hardwares of the phones are almost identical. Therefore, they can be flashed to SIP (OptiPoint 100) or H.323 (OptiPoint 300 or LP5100) configuration. The SIP implementation is a bit primitive; only digest authentication is used and the internal web server for configuration only works with the Microsoft browser (otherwise you cannot set authentication password). The following sip.conf entry works with the LP5100 with SIP firmware:


type = friend
;defaultip =
host = dynamic
dtmfmode = inband
extension = 6005
regexten = 6005
context = default
canreinvite = yes
callerid = "Your name" <6005>
qualify = yes

It is recommended to turn QoS off to reduce latency. There may still be some delay (1-4 sec) after the establishment of a call before audio starts.

Thanks for the effort.
I comented out the defaultip value since host = dynamic. Also make sure not to add mailbox = value, This phone does not have a voicemail light.
You only have to disable QoS if your network does not have support for QoS.

Oh yeah, another couple of downfalls:
  • No DNS support under SIP.
  • DOES NOT work behind firewalls. No Way. No STUN support.

The most recent SIP-firmware (Optipoint 100 advance, Version 1.0.3) is still available here from Siemens. Note that the Optipoint 300 Advance firmware will only talk H.323, so you probably don't want that.

Phone programming without a web interface

By pressing the > and < keys, you can scroll the menu to "Missed Calls" or "Service." Press the check-mark key for Service, note that you can scroll through options 0 through 5. At this point press 6 for administration or 7 for diagnostics. Either will require the administrator password, which by default is 123456.

Web Interface Password:

For OptiPoint 100 the default password for the admin user is: 123456
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