Asterisk phone Soyo G668

Soyo G668

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Same as: Giptel ip phones with PA168 chipset

need to unlock the Soyo G668
Soyo webpage and the address is not online
the superpassword 12345678 does not work
palmtool no work (unable to connect to palm1)


Configuration information from phone comments:

by marianiten_74 on Wednesday 01 of June, 2005 09:17:37

For use G668 with asterisk you need:

Enter the superpassword in the webconf of phone.
Go to "protocol settings"
protocol: sip
service: inphonex
service addr: name/ip_of_your_asterisk
service id: your number
nat traversal : disable (if you do not need)
nat addr: empty
phone number: your number
acount: your username in sip.conf
pin: your password in sip.conf
register port: your sip port (default 5060)
signal port: 0
control port: 0
rtp port: 5040
local tipe: acount

with this setting the soyo g668 works

by bzly2000 on Wednesday 04 of May, 2005 13:31:31

I don't have these working with Asterisk, but here is how you unlock the phone for sip configuration (existing configuration information will be lost):

1) Log into the phone using web browser (1234 is default password)
2) Input this ip address where says "upgrade addr"
3) Click "Update", and wait for the phone boot up correctly
4) Press "Speaker", "12346", and then "Local IP". You should see the update running on the phone display.
5) Log back in again and you'll see all possible settings.
6) You'll probably want to put the ip address above in again; if you don't and you try to "upgrade", you'll be back to being locked in.

Now if I could only get the phone to register with asterisk...

by kotl on November 2, 2005:

I've successfully made this phone work with IAX2 and asterisk. The main problem is there - correct firmware upgrade.
I'm 100% sure that G668 phones that have CS label on the back are exact PA168S reference design, so far you need to download original PA168S firmwares. I don't know if all of these steps are needed so you can experiment on your own and update my notes:

1. Unlock phone with bzly2000 method
2. Upgrade it to 1.46 IAX2 firmware through palmtool or web interface
3. telnet to it, put default 1234 password, enter 'default' command
4. phone reboots and after that superpassword is reset and you can use 12345678 as superpassword
5. connect to it through web, change needed IAX settings, reboot and it will work.

Note, I've spent a lot of time figuring this out, the main trick here is resetting to factory defaults firmware settings through telnet command. If you damage firmware you can always use known method of firmware recovery described in other P168x pages.

by Lee on January 8, 2006:

I've successfully used this phone with IAX2 and asterisk by using firmware v.1.49.002 available here:

One gotcha: Point your web browser to the IP address of the phone (default password is 1234)... under the Audio Settings, it will default to g.729 for Codec1 and null for Codec2-6. This created an error in Asterisk ("Unable to negotiate codec") which was resolved by setting Codec2 to g711u and clicking "Save Settings". Note that I did not find it necessary to reset the firmware to factory defaults as described above.

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