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Windows Messenger and Asterisk

To get Windows messenger to work with Asterisk you need to change the realm in chan_sip.c, the realm needs to be the same as the server name.

In Asterisk, the realm is "asterisk" by default. Starting around Asterisk version 1.0, this realm can be changed in sip.conf.

Asterisk partially supports the SUBSCRIBE message sent by messenger to display if a SIP contact is available or not. Asterisk only answers if the extension exists or not, not really if it's available.

So, with some work on your behalf, it will almost work. You also need to change the registry to get the telephony dial pad in Windows messenger. More info: The instructions at the previous URL do not work for Windows Messenger 5.1. NOTE: There is a difference between Windows and MSN messenger. The registry key listed below is known to work ONLY for *WINDOWS* Messenger.

In order for the dial pad to show up for Windows Messenger 5.1 you must place the CorpPC2Phone DWORD at the following location in the registry with a value of 1:


It's possible that that path may not work for you in which case try:


You may need to create the Messenger and Client keys as they may not exist on your machine.

For non-hackers, forget about using Windows Messenger with Asterisk.


  1. ) Pull down Tools/Options/Accounts
  2. ) Check My contacts include users of a communications Service.
  3. ) click advanced
  4. ) Check Configure settings
  5. ) fill in the address/name of the asterisk server
  6. )Check Protocol UDP. Click OK.
  7. ) In sign-in name put <account>@<IP address|hostname of the asterisk server>. Example phone1@
  8. ) Click O.K.

Calling out

To make outgoing calls:

  1. ) click the bubble arrow (I want to...) that points up at the bottom of your contact window.
  2. )click Start a Voice Conversation
  3. )click other
  4. )In the �enter e-mail address� field put the phone number you wish to call.
  5. )Change the �Service:� Communications Service.
  6. )click ok

Adding telephone numbers

To make outgoing calls you have to add the phone number you wish do dial to your contact list. This makes the windows messenger a little heavy to use.

  1. ) click add contact
  2. ) click next
  3. ) check communications server
  4. ) enter the number you wish to dial int the address field. For example 555111
  5. ) click next and finish.

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