Asterisk phone Zyxel P2000W

Asterisk configuration for the Zyxel P2000W

These configs seem to work fine for a ZyXEL P2000W, thanks to Giles Scott for getting me started with it.
DTMF keys work fine and are "read" correctly by Asterisk.
It's important that you upgrade your phone to a modern version of the firmware - it didn't work much with the WJ.00.07 that was preinstalled on my terminal, while it works with WJ.00.0c


In this example, my phone has number 898 and is Asterisk.



On the telephone web interface:

Zyxel config
SIP/outbound Proxy config
Proxy IP:
Proxy port = 5060

SIP Config
SIP URI: sip: 898 @ : 5060
Expire time: 300
Registrar username: 898
Registrar password: ---mypassword---

DSP setting
Default Voice codec G.729 8k
DTMF relay: outband

Please report your successful experinence here.

  • added 2006-03-27 : Bought three of these of Neutron, installed Asterisk 1.2.5, upgraded the firmware to WV.00.03 of the ZyXEL website. Working fine, have had no problems what so ever.
  • Since there are conflicting reports as to what firmware version of Zyxel is compatible with what version of Asterisk HEAD, can somebody (teji?) who is successfully using this phone describe what their versions/settings are.
  • added 2005-09-07 We are using Asterisk HEAD 05/30/05 with Zyxel firmware v. WJ.00.11. Outbound calls can be made ok from Zyxel; incoming calls are ok from all X-ten softphones (lite/Pro/eyeBeam). Incoming calls from Cisco IP 7940/60G phones are bounced with "400 Bad Request" reported from Zyxel on Asterisk console. -serge
  • added 2005-05-28 : using Asterisk 1.0.7 together with Zyxel 2000W V2 with firmware WV.00.01 everything seems to work fine! Since i dont't have a g.729 license im using alaw. -foo8ar
  • works for me hardware v.2 -inkblot
  • added 2006-05-15 : Using Asterisk@Home, Had a few problems but fixes are described in ZyXEL P2000W

Compatibility Notes:

  • updated 2005-09-07. Starting somewhere in February 2005, Zyxel 2000W (hardware version v.1) stopped receiving incoming calls from Cisco IP Phones (tested on 40/60G with SIP firmware 7.1 to 7.5) through Asterisk HEAD (latest 09/06/05) with a "400 Bad Request" error reported on Asterisk console. Outgoing calls from Zyxel are still working ok. This has been tested with Zyxel firmware versions WJ.00.0f(10) and latest version WJ.00.11. Attempts to resolve this with Zyxel engineers have been ongong since March of 2005 with now resolution. It is now September 2005 and Zyxel offers no solutions for this problem. We presume they are focused on their new V.2 P-2000W and have abandoned the V.1 :( -serge
  • added 2005-05-25 : Warning - Firmware WJ.00.10 has audio problems with Asterisk when using G.729A. This firmware activates VAD/CNG which is not supported by Asterisk. Firmware has no features to disable VAD/CNG. It is not possible to downgrade to WJ.00.0f. Only known work around is to use G.711, which still may not work if Asterisk is configured with "canreinvite=no". papafox
  • added 2005-04-27 : PLEASE ADD "qualify=3000" in your sip.conf to give time to p2000w to rebuild the screen when a incoming call come to the phone. otherwise, when the clock screensaver is displayed, then phone is assimiles as "busy" ;-). teji
  • added 2005-04-19 : actual firmware WJ.00.0f (europe) work fine and accept incoming call from asterisk 1.0.7 . teji

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