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Asterisk and door phones

An FAQ on the Asterisk mailing list is how to setup a door phone with Asterisk.

The best current solution seems to be using an SIP based VoIP door phone. You can also use standard analog door phone or door phone controller connected to Asterisk via a standard FXO analog port (X100/X101, Channelbank, etc.).

Connection methods

There are door phones with these interfaces:
  • SIP VoIP
  • FTZ 123 D12
  • analog a/b
Some native SIP based doorphones (e.g. 2N HeliosIP) offers you also SIP video telephony so you can see who is infront of the door.
To be able to use analog door phone you can use a standard Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), e.g. from Sipura, Grandstream or the IAXy.


Some sources for door phones and related hardware (for controlling electric door strikes, etc.)


  • Mailing List Posting discussing Asterisk compatible door phone solutions.
  • Nerd Vittles Article on Asterisk Doorbell Phones
  • Gool post HOWTO VOIP (video) door phone "From Russia, with love..." in russian, translate is welcome. Project price start from 75$ !

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