Asterisk phone sjphone

How to configure Asterisk for the SJphone

Asterisk configuration

In this sample configuration, represents the Asterisk server and is the client running SJPhone.

Configure Asterisk to accept registration and inbound calls in sip.conf like this:


Next, configure Asterisk to dial the SJphone with an entry in extensions.conf

exten => 100,1,dial(SIP/mysjphone)
exten => mysjphone,1,goto(100,1) ; To be able to dial with text, "mysjphone"

SJPhone configuration:

1/ click on the Options button
2/ go to the Profiles tab.
3/ click on 'New'
4/ create a new profile called 'asterisk' with profile type 'Calls through SIP proxy'
5/ use this profile for your asterisk connection with the following settings:

Register with proxy - checked.
Proxy domain:

Leave the rest of the settings at default. When you hit the OK button, it will ask for

Account: mysjphone
Password: <as above>

You can change the account and password by reinitializing the profile.

When it's working, SJPhone's main display shows:

Status: no active calls
Default protocol: SIP
SIP Proxy: registered with
Host address:

and Asterisk's console displays:
Registered SIP 'mysjphone' at

Mark Johnston, 2003-11-27
Rob Scott, 2005-01-21

Please note

This configuration does not take NAT into consideration. To do that, read the Asterisk FAQ on SIP and NAT.
In addition, You can view SJPhone/Asterisk setup instructions for newer versions of SJPhone Here or you can find a complete step by step configuration manual on asteriskguru

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