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How to configure Asterisk and X-Lite

X-Lite is the premier free SIP softphone for Win32
It is also available for MacOS X and known to run under Linux (2.6.7) using WINE (20040408-r1)
Xten has created a native Linux client that is available for download — added by Trey Blancher (20050803)

X-Lite configuration:

Menu | System Settings | SIP Proxy | default
Display Name: Full Name
User Name & Authorization User: <username>
Password: <secret>
Domain/Realm: x.x.x.x
SIP Proxy: x.x.x.x

x.x.x.x = IP address of Asterisk

Turn off Silence Supression (to avoid RFC3389 warnings on Asterisk console):
Menu | Advanced System Settings | Audio Settings | Silence Settings | Transmit Silence: Yes

NB Speex & iLBC don't work natively between X-Lite & Asterisk.
To fix, use the .reg files below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

  • more recent versions use a different key name, however:


This CounterPath version has options for codecs under Advanced System Settings,
Codec Settings, {codec} - enable, disable, and more. Codecs can be individually
selected within the phone window - great for testing.

Asterisk configuration:

standard SIP user in sip.conf & extensions.conf

Speex doesn't come with Asterisk, therefore you need to manually install the Speex codec before compiling Asterisk.

xlite 3

In the version 3, there is an advanced menu to tweak audio codec and some others features. To access it, dial ***7469 (send)
In the version 3, there is an advanced ui menu to tweak. To access it, dial ***746984 (send)

Here is a template to create a sip peer in sip.conf for xlite


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