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The SIP motto is "There's More Than One Standard for Doing It"

John Todd:
If Answer() clears variables, then this is a bug, where "bug" is defined as "behavior that occurs that a reasonable user or developer would not expect given the inputs to the process."

Beware, though, if you've never written a driver, it's not likely to be an easy task.
on the topic of FreeBSD zaptel drivers in IRC 2003-12-28

Steven Critchfield, jan 2004:
"Just to prepare you, if you ask the above question, you are not ready to
ask the above question."

Nick Bachman, Jan 4, 2004:
"I remind you that close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and
nuclear weapons, and not with my users' uptime :-)."

tmpm, May 14, 2004 (mailing list) on the topic of Internationalisation and US dialects:
The ones that come to mind are en_ca, where every sentence has an ending.
"Our Weasels are eating doughnuts, and drinking beer"
much like Aussie en_au which prepends a "G'day mate.. and ends with the"
"G'day mate, our weasels be puttin our phone system on the"
or even to stretch it a bit, Antarctic english....en_an which makes copious use of brr..
"Brrr....our weasles froze to death looking for a phone..Brrr..."

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