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Redhat 9 Package requirement

The basic package requirement for Redhat 9 is pretty well documented but I wanted to know what would be the minimum package requirement. Here is a list of what I added to a minumum redhat install (choose custom, then minimum and add the following) .

  • bind-utils (DNS Client)
  • bison
  • cvs
  • gcc
  • kernel-source
  • libtermcap-devel
  • make
  • Ncurses-devel
  • libnewt
  • openssl096b
  • openssl-devel
  • readline41

Some of the above may longer be needed however I tried without ncurses-devel but that did not work for me.

If you wish to use MySQL, add the following to the shopping list !

  • mysql
  • mysql-devel
  • mysql-server
  • zlib-develop - took me a long time to figure this one out. Sadly no one on the user list was willing to help.

Additional packages

I added

  • man
  • man-pages
  • Sox

Created by: usear, Last modification: Sun 29 of Aug, 2004 (23:14 UTC)
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