Asterisk res_config_ldap LDAP Realtime Bounty

From: Faraz Khan (Chief Architect Emergen Consulting Pvt Ltd)
Started: 07 March 2008
Bounty: $1400 for two items

Problem Description:
In brief we need help in making res_config_ldap.c stable and fully functional. Code will
be contributed back to Asterisk and we even intend (as a Digium Reseller) to work with
Digium in having this code incorporated in the next ABE version so that it can
interoperate with our product.

Details follow.

As of Asterisk 1.6.0-beta2 the status of res_config_ldap is as follows (as evaluated by

1. extensions realtime: Simple (non pattern based) extensions work fine, but patterns are
not working (realtime_multi_ldap func is being called)
2. Queues realtime: ldap lookup works fine with Queues, but QueueMember lookup fails
(realtime_multi_ldap func is being called)
3. Voicemail works fine
4. sip peers work fine.

We need:
Priority 1: A fix for the above issues in Asterisk 1.6.x TRUNK for immediate use. We
think the culprit is the multi_ldap function being called). Complete stress testing of
res_config_ldap.c under a heavily loaded PBX using OpenLdap 2.4 (Library and server).
Bounty: $1000

Priority 2: Backport of the code to the 1.4.X branch for inclusion in the next Asterisk
Business Edition. We will work with digium to have this feature incorporated after the
code in 1.6.x TRUNK is considered stable. This obviously makes sense only after the above
task is considered stable. Bounty: $400

Please respond with timelines and a brief overview of past experience with Asterisk.

The existing asterisk 1.6.0-beta2 needs a simple patch to start working which we have
contributed at:

The same patch should work with TRUNK as the res_config_ldap.c file is unchanged.
Created by: faraz.khan, Last modification: Fri 07 of Mar, 2008 (09:03 UTC)
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