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Cheapnet is one of major Italian Internet Service Providers (ISPs), offering also VoIP (SIP) technology services to residential, business and wholesale users. The branch of VoIP services is also known as CheapVoIP.

About Cheapnet

Major details, specific information, prices and illustrated configuration tutorials for all the most popular VoIP (SIP) devices, software phones and Asterisk (tm) systems can be found in CheapVoIP configuration guidelines section.

About CheapVoIP

CheapVoIP is the Cheapnet's service branch which allows Internet users to place and receive phone calls, allowing phone cost reduction up to 96% respect to many other italian traditional telephony service providers.

The service offered by CheapVoIP is based on VoIP technology, and can be used with Asterisk, VoIP phones and software. Using CheapVoIP everybody can place national and international calls, be called free of charge by the other CheapVoIP users, and still have one or more italian geographic numbers, allowing other people, which are not using VoIP technology, to call CheapVoIP exactly as any other phone number.


  • 2007-11-10 - Recently, since November 10, 2007, Cheapnet has acquired another Italian ISP, Vira's VoIP service. This is just another confirmation about the Cheapnet's business growing.

Asterisk configuration for CheapVoIP

sip.conf Asterisk Configuration file

To configure a CheapVoIP SIP account, in order to be able to place and receive calls, edit the /etc/asterisk/sip.conf file as follows:


callerid="Mr Jack Smith" <0039050000000>

The text in bold references parameters which uniquely identify every CheapVoIP account. 65544XXXXX is CheapVoIP User Account Id, and xxxxxxxxxxx is the password associated to the same account. "Mr Jack Smith" is the user's full name, and <0039050000000> is his geographical phone number.

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